A what sciatica?


By cts | I got your back! | 28 Jan 2021

So you have had back pain radiating down your leg for 3 weeks without any relief. You have tried icing, heat, stretching out your back and putting yourself in a pretzel to get relief to no avail. You visited your primary care and was told you have SCIATICA and received anti-inflammatories but it helps like 2% of the pain. You tried physical therapy for a 3 weeks to strengthens your back, but you're still in pain. You decided to tried one last ditch effort and call a chiropractor. Maybe he can snap your joint into place and take the pressure away from the sciatic nerve. No such luck.

Yeah, I would be confused and frustrated too. Why are you still in pain you wondered? 

Well, the answer might be pretty simple. You have been misdiagnosed! Any time you visit a doctor and you tell them you have leg pain, they almost always assumed you have SCIATICA. However, there is a second type of sciatic nerve pain known as Pseudo Sciatica or False Sciatica, also known as Piriformis Syndrome. 

Pseudo Sciatica also causes leg pain, but the pain begins at the buttock region or at the back pocket of your jeans. The leg pain is achy and throbbing in quality. The majority of the time the pain is not shooting, electrical, or radiating like down to your leg like SCIATICA, which originates from the lumbar spine or low back, above your belt line. Normal Sciatica typically corresponds with positive diagnostic results, like a herniated disc or nerve impingement seen on an MRI. 

Pseudo Sciatica can cause leg pain without having any positive MRI findings of disc lesions or neve compression.  This is a good piece of crypto nugget to remember. 

If this sounds like what you have experienced, do the following exercises to get instant relief. Working hard and making money isn't all it's crack up to be if you're always in pain. Get well and enjoy life!

Good luck and let me know if it helps. 


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Increase pressure with the stretch by leaning forward towards the knee. 


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If you're smiling when doing this stretch, you're not doing it hard enough to get results.



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I got your back!
I got your back!

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