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3 exercises for back pain you can't skip

By cts | I got your back! | 27 Jan 2021


You ever feel like you're 90 years old getting up from a seated position after prolong sitting? Well, no matter what your age is, its not normal to feel that way. Of course, there are always some exceptions, like a hard legs work outs from the day or two before or after you have sustained a severe fall or accident. If you don't fall under those situations, it's most likely you're suffering from back pain, created by tightness in your hips and pelvis.

Do the following exercises to prevent feeling old, even if you're older.


Lower back pain stretches.pdf | DocDroid

The master of all hip and low back stretches. If you don't have this stretch in your regimen, you're missing out. 


4 Hip Stretches That Your BJJ Hips Are Craving For

My favorite hip and glute stretch. Get your butt in gear and you'll never look back at the same old back pain again. 


How to Stretch When You Have IT Band Pain

Can be done in a seated position when you're in a pinch at work. 

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I got your back!
I got your back!

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