I found new LEGIT airdrop:

1. Talk with bot

2. Join telegram group

3. Join telegram channel

4. You will get 5 Born ~ 140$


OneBorn swaping platform is . You can find OneBorn in justswap. Recently we take a attempt to make OneBorn project worldwide and we decide to do it. So 02.12.2020 we stop all swap and trading pair Born/TRX and we develope our project more powerfull also highly secured. We clear all Lequity more then $50k from justswap platform.Now here is many opportunity for investors and Holders to get a huge profite from Born project. An investor get our shares by adding lequdity and they also join pre-sale for more .

Important : We will do not add lequdity untill our Airdrop end.Now our lequdity is $00 in swap market place. Our Airdrop will be end in january 2021 , swap and exchange will be around 03, February 2021. If you see any lequdity in swap marketplace do not think it's officially added. In middle of December and January all lequdity will be added by our share holders and investor.Be a share holders.
Lequdity Target : $500k


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I am looking for LEGIT Airdrop
I am looking for LEGIT Airdrop

90% of airdrops in a telegram are a scam, I'm looking for the remaining 10% :)

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