TOP 10 Micro Cap Gems
TOP 10 Micro Cap Gems

By JamesMorillo | Hydro overlord | 29 May 2019

I've taken some free time to research on some of the microcap tokens in CMC and Coingecko and came up with a small list of gems that should be on everyone's radar. I define microcap anything below 20 million market cap or is at least 200+ in its market cap ranking, except Fantom because it is crowd's favorite and this article is solely picked out from the crypto twitter community. 

For any business-related matters, you can shoot me an email here. If you're a microcap gem hunter, feel free to join us and contribute to this chat.

In no particular order, we have

1. Project Hydro ($HYDRO)

Let me begin with a fairly low market cap that is unique and interesting. Project Hydro is a decentralized open source blockchain project that was incubated by a leading fintech company in NYC (Hydrogen platform tech). They are building multiple sets of solutions (smart contracts) on top of Ethereum to create a simpler, fairer and a more decentralized ecosystem for the unbanked.

What is interesting about this project is that they're offering 6 solutions housed under a single ecosystem. As far as my research went they have 4 whitepapers which shows how much pride and effort the team puts into the project.


Here is where it becomes even more interesting. They've developed identity management and aggregation framework on the Ethereum blockchain called ERC-1484, which allows gas-less or feeless transaction within their dApps. This is made possible through meta-transactions of the ERC-1484. Now, with this technology, they created a dApp that sends money with 0 fees anywhere in the world which should be available in the iOS app store and the Android store.


The technology proved itself feasible based on a Proof-of-concept by its creator, Noah Zinsmeister. Lots of technological possibilities open up with this brilliant idea, such as a Remittance dApp with the lowest fees, lending, subscription payments, and many more possibilities.

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2. Web Innovation ($WEBN)

WebN is probably considered a nano cap gem because of its low market cap of $79,457.40 from etherscan. What caught my attention about this project is that they are fully licensed by SEC Philippines to conduct their business models in their ecosystem. With strict regulations around the globe, it is with the utmost respect that such a project settled any regulatory obstacles before launching their ICO and their platform.

At first look, the website did not look modern, however, upon confirmation from the admins, they are in the midst of upgrading their website. The best feature of this project IMO is the fact that there are the staking mechanism and buybacks - which means a guaranteed price hike on the designated quarterly interval. A portion of the company earning will be used to buyback tokens for burning, which forces demand in the market. With regulatory compliance, investors are at ease earning their passive income from WebN's staking platform.

To spice things up, there are many companies lined up for WebN partnership. I quote George, the advisor of WebN - 

Hi , just a quick update to let you know that we are currently contacting and promoting WEBN to quite a number of other Crypto companies through various social media outlets , and have also been trying to establish whether any strategic synergies exist where we can both market each others service products and programs on offer.. WEBN have received a few replies and are still looking at the possibilities of moving forward together.

WEBN are also in the process of finalising a sponsorship agreement with a music media company here in Australia who has recently produced a film and won world wide recognition at the Universe Multicultural film festival, I will be catching up with them on the weekend to clarify terms of agreement, as we will will be working together on some community initiatives which will also expose both our companies within the community and entertainment arena. We will keep you updated as to when we have signed on the dotted line.

As you are well aware our online and e-commerce platforms are currently under way and hope to be up and running at the end of the year.Once the platforms are fully tested and operational , we will be in a better position to devote to and increase our marketing inititives and securing strategic partner clients.

We all need to factor in and realise that WEBN is one of the very few crypto companies in the Philippines that has been approved and issued with the SEC License Certificate authenticating its registered professional status on the financial markets, and all of the team have been all working on various projects and contacts in order to establish and cement the reputation of WEBN out there wherever possible, and are sometimes unable to update as it may jeopardize the negotiations in progress

WEBN will be the future of all our tomorrows, once we have established and secured key strategic clients together with all of the various listings on other exchanges yet to be announced. Bitmart is also one of our objectives - Thank you

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3. RPD

In brief, Rapids is a decentralized open-source project combining both blockchain and social media technology by means of the utilization of the RPD coin in the ecosystem. Rapids run on the proof of stake consensus protocol using QUARK algorithm to reward 30% Staking and 60% Masternodes. At the footnote of the website, it shows a message verified by VeriSafe that -

Rapids is officially registered in the European country Estonia as a payment system.

License FIU14645841

Rapids developed one of the most community-driven coins out there in the market. Many of the big holders offer airdrops and giveaways on Twitter to boost community growth and engagement like The Crypto Fox. In addition, they have collaborated with air coins and the community members are given the opportunity to collect RPD tokens while on the move. Rapids has also been recently listed on Bitker from this tweet.

Rapids has positioned itself fairly well in the social networking game, it would be exciting to see the project play out in the bull run.

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4. Banano

I promised to do some write-up on this token/coin because of its strong supportive community. The Banano network operates in DAG technology and boasts itself as the 4th generation cryptocurrency that offers fee-less transaction in its ecosystem. $BAN is a meme coin and is a fork of the Nano blockchain, but what caught my attention is the strong underlying community members supporting the project. They've first caught my attention on p0x, and upon joining their community I was astounded. The real heart of the project lies heavily in its community, which reminded me of the earlier times I first joined the Dogecoin community. With activities such as tip bots, Reddit contents, faucet games, meme generation and rewarded QnAs - I'd say they're one of the more lit TG community not very far from $LINK and $DOGE. 

Products wise; they've recently moved over to their own main net and released products like Kalium, Banano's official wallet app available both on the iOS and Android store where you can send and receive banana. 

They also have similar visual account representatives called monKeys which are unique to their own banana address which gives each individual their own unique digital character, which I personally find very cute.

While similar to $DOGE, Banano offers more solid fundamentals as evident from the product launches and being a fork of Nano. While DOGE already withstood the test of time, it will be interesting to watch the growth of Banano in the next Bitcoin halving.

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5. FTM

Fantom is on this list because it is the crowd's favorite, one of the fastest growing market caps, and its huge potential to be a market leader. I have been watching the crypto twitter and the army for FTM is one of the biggest and most relentless in community votings. FTM has branded itself being the nervous system of the internet of things from smart cities, traffic management, smart living, and many more functionalities that utilizes the distributed ledger technology.

The market is overall bullish on this project since the collaboration with the world's largest exchange Binance, and of course, bringing in more token speculators on the project. In recent news, FTM has also been listed on the Binance Dex platform and is tradeable against BNB and a partnership with COTI Network in the R&D department. With the recent activity of Fantom - I would say it is one of the most exciting projects to be with.

I began writing this article 3 weeks back and it was still at the 25-30 million market cap mark, and it is what it is today. 

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Sentivate caught my attention when Chico Crypto first introduced this token on his youtube as his top altcoin pick that will explode.

While the product they're developing (a Hybrid web browser, hybrid applications) is centralized based, they have a pretty way of convincing that the best solution to fixing the internet is having a hybrid web instead of a decentralized web. Sentivate argues that a decentralized web is slow and is not optimal for use in the future from a scalability standpoint. In their proposed solution, they offer an ecosystem that offers both centralization and decentralization which what makes sentivate truly standout.

They are the first project in the cryptoverse that has ever comingled both decentralization and centralization which makes it one of the most phenomenal and exciting projects to look out for.

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7. LTO Network

LTO network is a hybrid network and platform built for business-to-business to boost efficiency and enhance the collaborative approach. The platform allows safe collaboration between businesses whilst binding rules in the form of smart contracts. LTO network currently has two products; Proof Engine and Workflow Engine. The workflow engine is built on a scalable, private permissionless, and on a computational model called Finite State Machines. With a unique tech, forward-looking team and strong community - LTO is one to be in your watchlist.

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8. Verasity

This token has been the hot talks within the crypto community lately after CEO of Binance tweeted about Verasity, and also from an official press release by Verasity. While many VRA and FTM have been both in partnership with Binance, it seems that Binance Chain partnerships are getting the more popular business alternative to slide into their way into a possible listing.

In brief, VRA is attention based platform for video rewards in the form of VRA tokens, making it similar to BAT one way or another. However, Verasity has already established plugins for reward distribution on Entertainment giants such as 


Their ecosystem is summed up in this pictorial depiction.


Verasity also has their own staking platform where you can earn 0.1% daily tokens based on your staked amount. Now that binance has established a Binance Chain partnership, it might not be too far away from the future of a possible listing - Binance Dex for example. In addition, they have been recently listed on STEX with more to follow as we speak - this cryptocurrency definitely has to be in your top list.

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9. Brickblock

This token has been on my radar for a long time now, and I have also written a comprehensive article on it in already so I will keep this short and simple.

Brickblock is a platform that leverages on blockchain and provides access for users to invest cryptocurrency in tokenized real-world assets such as real estate, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), paintings. Brickblock, however, is focussing on obtaining clients in the real estate industry.

They've recently made their first tokenized transaction in their platform and the fees are distributed in the form of ACT tokens which are backed by ETH (fixed ratio 1000 ACT for 1 ETH).

Simply put, its a staking (activating of tokens) platform and the rewards are highly dependent in its platform liquidity. Brickblock already has it's staking platform live and will be expected to obtain the first payout this 31st May. 

Brickblock's transactions go by millions if not by hundreds of thousand dollars, if this project lifts off, the staking rewards will be one of the biggest in the industry. The assets being traded are real estate properties and exchanging hands in the form of millions. A small big of Brickblock might go a long mile in the future.

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10. DAPS token

Last but not least, my favorite token of them all, DAPS token. It is another community-driven token that is always popping up everywhere on Twitter. DECENTRALIZED ANONYMOUS PAYMENT SYSTEM or DAPS for short is exactly what its name is; an anonymous payment system that is secure and scalable which boasts itself in technology that is derived from both PIVX and Monero. Making it the first crypto project that combined two technological leaders in their niche.

The chain is validated via a one-of-a-kind hybrid consensus protocol models of PoW (proof-of-work), PoS (proof-of-stake) and PoA (proof-of-audit), a proposed solution by DAPS team to solve the 'Trust problem'. 

The solution presented is unique and definitely groundbreaking from a technical perspective, making DAPS one of the most anticipated performers of 2019. DAPS token has already challenged the BIG 20 of CMC by making use of old tech and combining them to formulate a synthesized powerhouse protocol. This coin is in the bag.

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