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By JamesMorillo | Hydro overlord | 22 Aug 2019

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Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick post because I need the entire P0x community support on this.

I'm currently competing against other TOP universities in Singapore (SMU & NUS) in producing an MVP for one of the biggest insurance providers in Singapore, NTUC Income.

One segment of this competition requires garnering likes and commenting on an Instagram post! 


Winning this competition will give me an opportunity to secure an internship with them and by just giving it a "like" is enough to contribute to the winning goal!

This company (NTUC Income) is open to utilizing the blockchain technology, but they've yet to formulate a concrete plan in doing so. Being a heavy HYDRO supporter, and as a team member of Hydro Labs, it would give us a huge upper hand in securing collaborations with them.

If we can secure the win, I'll shill the **** out of em our Hydro products (Hydro Pay, Hydro Vault, Hydro Drive, etc.), all 6 smart contracts, dApps, dApp Store. If you want to find out more about what we're building CLICK THE LINK BELOW, it leads you to Instagram :)

It takes 10 seconds to like and comment! Thanks in advance! 



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