Platform for Quality Content Sharing
Platform for Quality Content Sharing

By JamesMorillo | Hydro overlord | 7 Jul 2019


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The internet is filled with fake websites spreading fake news, troll comments and deceitful contents. Some subreddit community thrive in uninformed facts backed by naysayers and urban myths. An article by CNBC on top social networking platforms revealed that Redditors are the least valuable users. I've been involved in the subreddit cryptocurrency group to pitch in an overlooked project and the response was horrifying. I got flamed multiple times and the word "scam" appeared more in the comments than the letter 'a' in my post. The downvote button can be repressive on one's opinion especially if you can create multiple accounts and have a miniature army of bots. Also, would you rather listen to someone on Reddit (completely anonymous) who was 1000 karma for trading signals or a professional trader?

Bridging the Gap

Coreto is a new blockchain project incentivizing good quality content on their social networking platform. While incentivizing good actors, this build trust within the platform in what is legitimate, false, spam, or considered as an excellent post. Content creators are rewarded based on the quality of contents delivered, people seeking advice can look for professionals, and new investors can seek professional traders for advice. The objective of the whole platform is to create an ecosystem of trust between users, professionals, project teams, content creators, and influencers by creating a unified place for content sharing while being incentivized for quality content.


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Surely we can find information online for free but if I was an influencer and I've heard of the Coreto platform, I will definitely use it. Firstly, professional intellectual property (opinions and advice) is not free and the majority of the population would want to maximize profit and time. Secondly, content creators get incentivized for creating quality content. Lastly, the platform is largely reliant on the blockchain technology, making fraud detections and copyrighted materials easily detectable. 

Startups can also leverage this platform by looking for professional advisors, new team members or legal advice. This saves time scouting for potential candidates on centralized platforms like LinkedIn, Job Search, Glass Door or Job Agency.



Img. 3. Coreto's main features.

Stacking Of Opinion Pools (SOOP) stakes COR tokens of the content creators, and incentives them based on the accuracy of their predictions. Followers of the content creators are able to share risks and rewards by pledging to the SOOP. This sounds similar to the social trading application eToro but is different in a way that SOOP is a prediction based mechanism whereas eToro is a portfolio shadowing mechanism.

Machine Learning and AI algorithms are used for trading insights, predictions, market trends, copyrighted contents (images or videos) and many more. 

Gamification creates healthy competition amongst traders and analysts as Coreto provides the right incentive to encourage participation from them.

Rumor Stack allows content creators to create rumor content backed with a number of other members and when it is proven true is rewarded handsomely.

Intuitive UI is a killer feature for me. Intuitive UI and User experience is a hot topic in the fintech industry as they attract users to keep coming back to use the application. As far as the website flow, it is safe to assume that the designers at Coreto are experienced in their field. The logic flows (of learning) with minimalist design makes it easier to understand what the project is all about. The buttons are sufficiently big and the colors are friendly to the eyes. 

Instant updates allow data to be shown in real time. 

Powerful security as they leverage on the blockchain technology. Encrypted data for privacy. 


The age of information and creativity will no longer be pro bono in the decentralized 3.0. Opinions and advice in the real world cost money (unless they are your peers), and in the future of content creation, your creative mind is monetized in the form of digital value through the COR tokens. Learn, at the same time turn perspectives into asset value that can impact the lives of others. Find the most reliable contents on the web and avoid internet trolls. Get known for your writing skills and be the next generation of influencers using Coreto.


Img. 4. Learn. Earn. Repeat.

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