China Ban News on Bitcoin mining

By JamesMorillo | Hydro overlord | 11 Apr 2019

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Fig. 1. Headline Ban on BTC mining(Wolfie Zhao, 2019)

These news have been recurrent in the space so just for fun, made this infinite loop of future news regarding Bitcoin bans. Repository here. If you have Spyder just copy and paste this:


import time

def chinaFud(year):

    china = 'fud'
    while china == 'fud':

        print ('China bans BITCOIN in year %d'%year)
        year +=1
        china = 'no fud'


year = 2019


You should obtain this lmao:


Fig. 2. Compiler result 

Being in this space for almost 2 years, these mining bans are usually my indicator to buy BTC and alts. If we're in green, I'll usually wait for a pullback then enter a short position. 

My logic is pretty shrewd at this point, China mining FUD = BUY, so don't take this as financial advice!

Since you're already down at this point in the article; just a shoutout to $BAT and $HYDRO 's low price. Big things are coming for the two, one that even China cannot FUD off. 


1. W. Zhao (Apr 2019). China’s New Policy Isn’t An Automatic Bitcoin Mining Ban Here's Why -. Retrieved from Retrieved on 11 April 2019.


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