Vault: Advanced Crypto Storage — Get Early Access
Vault: Advanced Crypto Storage — Get Early Access

By Hydro Labs | Hydro Labs Blogs | 3 Dec 2019

Today we are opening up early access sign-ups to Vault.

Vault is a highly secure and robust wallet application with a suite of advanced security features.

  • Choose your favourite security mechanism — Hydro Raindrop 2FA (top tier smart contract security) or Google Authy (mid tier TOTP security).
  • Share wallets with friends, family, colleagues and other groups whilst still keeping them secure.
  • Keep things simple— you will never need metamask or any other third party wallet to access your Vault — only your web browser
  • Removes the need to follow complex username and password creation rules — login with your email and Vault will take care of the rest.

Join the wallet revolution and sign up for early access today.


Contact and Social Media

If you want to chat you can also find the team hanging out in the Project Hydro channels;

Hydro Labs
Hydro Labs

Hydro Labs is building a suite of solutions to service the growing world of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) on Ethereum.

Hydro Labs Blogs
Hydro Labs Blogs

Hydro Labs are a blockchain technology company working to simplify blockchain adoption with simple to use yet powerful applications.

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