1367% Up in 1 YEAR ($HYDRO)

By JamesMorillo | HYDRO Fans | 7 Apr 2019

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Today marks a special day for $HYDRO as it finally has enough data to produce an annual percentage increase. To begin, HYDRO is the native token of the open sourced project, Project Hydro, and is used for utility purposes such as P2P, onboarding new users, KYC/AML, API calls or access, dApp creation and many more. Project Hydro was created by a renowned fintech company based in New York City, Hydrogen Platform, and is now handed over to professionals all around the globe a.k.a Decentralized Ambassadors. 

I can go on about Project Hydro for 100 pages and more, but to ease out the learning, their website https://projecthydro.org/ is outright the best place to learn about the technology and ecosystem they are building. A total of 6 products and 2 already live + a dAppstore being reskinned - tackling crucial issues like security, identity, tokenization, AI, P2P, and documentation stamping. In addition, HYDRO did not conduct any financial equity funding (NO ICO). If you're more of a reader, you can learn about Hydro in this article written by HYDRO DA, Mark.


Fig. 1. 24H Price Graph of Hydro token in USD.

24H organic growth is based on the run-up of BTC. 


Fig 2. 1Y Price Graph of Hydro token in USD.

As we zoom out to 1-year graph, we notice a parabolic curve poised for a strong upward projection. 


Fig. 3. Hydro Statistics obtained from CoinmarketCap

From coinmarketcap, an ROI 80.13% is given for HYDRO. 


Fig. 4. Hydroblockchain twitter announcing VLABEL certification from Binance

Hydro has been making a lot of moves in the market lately (V-label project by Binance Info, EthFinex voting, publish0x tipping, and etc.), even being featured on popular news sites such as Yahoo Finance and Reuters. There's more exciting news in store for the community in the near future, the DAs and Hydrogen Representatives (HCSP) are always looking for opportunities to market HYDRO products (Raindrop & Snowflake), so stay tuned for more integrations and partnerships!


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