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The Easiest Way to Swap Crypto Across Native L1 Chains -- No Sign-up, Non-custodial, Best Rates

By Anw1nd3r | HustleBeaver | 25 Jan 2023

Have you ever tried to swap your assets from one native chain to another on a non-custodial wallet? Say, for example, BTC to MONERO, XRP to DOGE, ATOM to ALGO, or even DGB to ETH? If you have, then you most definitely know how time-consuming and inconvenient it is. Chances are you had to log in to your favorite centralized exchange(CEX). Then, you would have had gone through the following process:

Deposit: Send your asset to the exchange, pay the gas fees, and wait for the required number of confirmations on the network.
Sell initial asset: Make an order and pay either maker or taker fee depending on your order type and the exchange you're using.
Buy target asset: Make another order and pay the fee.
Withdrawal: Send the new asset back to your wallet -- pay the withdrawal fee including gas fees -- and wait for the confirmations.

Let's face it. It's not a very smooth process. Could there possibly be a simpler method without having to use a CEX?

I found a way to do just that with ChangeNow. By the way, there is another platform with similar features and usually better rates (Changelly) but you will have to sign up to use their service. These two websites are both non-custodial, trustless, and are very easy to use. I have swapped assets on these platforms several times but I've been using ChangeNow more often for reasons that we will be delving into below.

1. No Sign-ups

ChangeNow doesn't force you to register on their platform in order to use their services. You're free to swap your crypto without logging in. But if you want, you can leave your email so you can be notified once the funds have been sent to your wallet. This is rather voluntary and not necessary. Pretty neat for those who value privacy in their transactions.

2. Cashbacks

While you're not required to create an account to exchange your assets, you might still want to register and take advantage of their cashback feature. A cashback will be credited to you for every swap you make and is given in the form of NOW tokens that you can later withdraw and trade or stake. As of this writing, the staking APR is 12.5% and you can choose whether to stake for 1 week or up to 2 years. The longer you stake, the bigger your ROI.

3. Smooth Wallet Integration

Swap easily by connecting your Metamask or any other wallet that supports WalletConnect. You can even use your FIO handle if you have one.

4. Low minimum threshold and no upper limit

If you have small assets scattered across different chains and want to consolidate or swap them, ChangeNow can make things easier for you. And if you're the guy who needs to swap several BTCs a day, this platform can also accommodate you. You can exchange assets valued from around $2 to more than 2 BTC per day.

This is what the ChangeNow interface looks like when you make a swap. (Receiving address was specified before this page.) :


You can track the progress right on the page and opt to be notified by email when it's done. Exchanges generally take less than 10 minutes to finish but some swaps may take longer depending on the chains or networks involved.

Some non-custodial wallets, like Atomic Wallet, also offer swaps within their apps. But under the hood, they are most probably integrating services from specialized platforms like ChangeNow and Changelly in order to provide such features. This means they could be charging you more fees for your swaps.


Key Takeaways:

  • For better exchange rates, bigger amounts, and if you don't mind the registration process, use Changelly.
  • For both small and big assets, cashbacks, and no sign-ups, use ChangeNow.
  • For the most convenient exchange (but possibly higher fees), use your wallet's own swap feature.

Hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading! And remember: Keep moving forward. Have a great day!

Full Disclosure:

The links for ChangeNow and Changelly in this article contain my referral links. If you prefer to not use them, just go to ChangeNow.io and Changelly.com directly.


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