Automated strategies for forex trading – is it worth it?
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Automated strategies for forex trading – is it worth it?

By Foxhunter | hunter24 | 6 Mar 2020

On Forex market, it is possible to earn in two ways.

First: manual trading, so we personally learn about the market, technical analysis, macroeconomic analysis, speculations, indexes, its features, etc. We trade with our own capital, through a broker of our choice – we ‘play’ on forex ourselves, so we may earn on this financial market (or lose).

Second: automated trading with the use of a) trading bots or b) automated long-term strategies. In this case, we are not trading on our own, we don’t have to learn anything or get trained, because all actions are taken for us by a) adequately prepared forexbot, or b) suitably implemented, automated strategy, which acts long-term. Using this option we may earn one time and then lose the other time: because machines are not perfect.

Magical forex bots vs automated, long-term strategies

It’s worth to know:

Classical bots, which offer imaginary percentages and sky-high profits, most often lose our capital, because they promise too high profits, they are too cheap (suspiciously) or almost free and they tantalize users with visions of earning millions with their help. And these visions end up to be lies. We know, from official statistic, that millions on forex are earned by maximum 1% of all users on this market! All the rest earn much less, or they lose.

Watch out for forex bots that offer, for example, 1% ‘guaranteed’ profit a day, 25% a month, or other miracles like earning few hundred percent or so on!

These bots were not created for people to earn, but to catch those naive ones, who will spend their funds, just so a bot may lose it. It will bring money to brokers, to other market users, to agents, and to a seller of a miracle-bot.


In contrast to miracle-bots, automated trading strategies ARE NOT set for gigantic profits and they are not promising them

Here, profits may reach 15, 20, maximum 75-80% a year. And those are real earnings for these automated strategies to reach. Of course, it depends whether it was created by experts, or not.

Annual scale is very important here, because strategies also encounter losses. For example, for 2-3 months, a strategy may lose, to then win for the rest 9-10 months, earning profits of 20, 30 or 50%.

Important: Before purchasing the access to strategies sold on the Internet, check whether a company that sells them actually earns on this market for a long time, whether it exists, or whether it’s a complete newbie, without any forex experience, which appeared online out of nowhere.

Example company which have been selling automated strategies for few years now : Properly Proptrading


Automated strategies for forex trading – is it worth it?


It’s difficult to answer this question unequivocally. Those, who prefer independent trading, who love charts, analysis and manual forex trading, surely will not be happy with a machine replacing their actions totally, disallowing their own moves.

On the other hand, people who do not have neither willingness, nor time for learning forex, but want to earn there, will be very happy from this solution. Assuming that they’ll get minimum profits per year: 10-15-20%, it will still be more than what they’d get using ordinary saving account.


Are there any risks? Is it possible to lose?


Yes, the risk is high (!)

However, companies which sell automated strategies often reduce it, using, for example, automatic stop-loss, or total stop of trading activities by a strategy, when the loss gets too high, etc.

Attention: stay vigilant and remember that higher annual/ monthly profits offered by particular forex bot or automated strategy, higher the risk that something is wrong there.

Forex market is large, regulated and much deeper market than, for example, cryptocurrencies. Although it’s possible to earn here, you may come across many conmen, who are going to attempt to sell you their miracle bots. They look for naive people, who wish to become rich in few days or few months. These things are unrealistic.

Important: I am not an investment advisor!
I am just the publisher, and I’m not taking responsibility for any company listed out here.

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