Words From Psalm 51
Words From Psalm 51

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This mercy is what I ask

That which separate  men from man

Distinguishing labour from work 

Making the weak strong

This mercy is all I ask. 


Grant me according to your mercy, 

Wash me clean from iniquity 

Save me clean and neat

The flesh gone  from me

Sacrificed my flesh outside like the priest(Exo 29:14)

In your purity I want to live

Saved me O God,  clean and neat. 



A new heart Lord, a new heart

That which says to your word, Yes! 

Not leaving a tittle out like Saul (1 Sam 15:20-23)

A broken and contrite heart,  please give

That I might not be like Saul the king

A new heart, Lord! I plead. 



Restoration, redemption, recovering my loss

Years wasted in sin, thinking am the boss

Too late to come to the Savior 

Till a brother preached  to me the cross

To find out I've wasted my all

Ha!  Lord!  Help this poor boy

Restore  me,  let me recover my loss

(Psa 51:12, Joel 2 :21-32)



In prayer too,  help,  in study,  be near

That I might get direction from you 


while I kneel to pray,  sit to read, let me hear

Clear as the morning  waters 

Open my lips, let my mouth your praise declare 

May my soul  enter heaven at the end. 

(Psa 51:15, Mark 1:45  Act 8:4)



The end O Lord,  heaven at last

To what is my toil on earth without heaven

The things of this world  will be past 

It's waters, it's bread, with everything leaven

That on that day when the trumpet blast 

I,  the saints,  the angels,  the dead in Christ will be even.



A poem inspired by Psa 51.</center>


A farmer, crypto blogger, content writer. A Christian.


Am a writer, Christian farmer, blogger and crypto enthusiast.

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