The Gain In Vanity : A Freewrite Poetry.

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The warm amber eyes were deceiving

Story of a love so true to be fake

Tales of woes, rigged with thorns

Days of tears, sorrowful,  fear fill family

And then none, none was left of her.



Gorgeous walk, Diana incarnate

Loving smile, clean skin, wet lips

Born before the ages as a goddess

What, how, when can we approach

Eyes so warm, you blush.



A home in disarray is what they get

A trust in the sink, there reward

The silver screen has made us believe perfect

While they suffer the consequence

Broken marriage littered Beverly Hills

Children morally wrong,  but rich.



On the street,  by the tapes

There words rings in unison

Viewers, fans,  mind your cup of tea

While each night,  there demon repeat

Brokenhearted, shattered  dreams, lost identity

Can there ever be a gain in this  vanity?.



The warm amber eyes shed tears

Most comical  of all, heads bowed

The rich also cries........ inside Bugatti

The screen glitters there skin

While the night eats the darkness of there soul

At the break of a new day,  each  ask

Can there ever be a gain in vanity ?









A farmer, crypto blogger, content writer. A Christian.

Am a writer, Christian farmer, blogger and crypto enthusiast.

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