Come, Hear This Word : A Christian Freewrite Poetry.

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We will go again,  trusting God

In the heat of the day, in the rain, toiling on

Souls must know earth is vain

To what do we owe this much

Launch our net,  harvests in bunch

Souls must know,  earth is vain. 



Deaf ears we met on the field 

Tract, fliers in gutter,  conscience is killed

And we labour on,  making known the call

To what extent will we go further 

At what pace, with what media 

Souls must know,  earth is vain

Be saved, sanctified,  heavenly ready

And we labour on,  making known the call.



Garage show, Andrew's project 

Looking for souls, on the streets, in the closets 

Breaking doors that were closed

Going beyond borders, make Christ known

Each and every land,  Christ 

The small, the great, the weak, the strong, Christ

Breaking barriers and doors that were closed. 



Delivering  free from hell, our business 

From skinny actress to the plum cobbler

Brother come, sister look here, God's kindness

That no one be damned, He became cursed 

Come,  hear this word, listen to our call

This same Christ can save,  free from all doom

This one thing has been said countless times 

That no one be damned,  He became cursed.






A farmer, crypto blogger, content writer. A Christian.

Am a writer, Christian farmer, blogger and crypto enthusiast.

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