Now is Time To Invest in DEC
DEC Power

Now is Time To Invest in DEC

The company's corporate culture vision is "to let the energy 'chain' the world", the company's slogan is "'thousands of thousands of piles', there are cars to create a gang," values ​​are "struggling, innovation, integrity, and win-win", according to Understand that the partners include funds such as Qunxian Capital and Boao Capital; Star Group, UnionPay Group; New Page Group, Car Owners and other strategic partners; VOV Community, Coin World and other blockchain partners; New Energy Field Lin Guijiang Doctor and other expert consultants.
At present, cooperation has been reached with many companies.

Specifically, this year, Yuchuang Energy and the national head charging pile investment operation platform Star Charging officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement, complementary resources, cooperation and win-win, the success of the energy platform can serve the stars to charge the national 90000+ charging pile, it is expected It can serve hundreds of thousands of users, and the number of service users is expected to reach a million times/year. Secondly, Yuchuang Energy and UnionPay have officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement. UnionPay will provide tens of millions of yuan in marketing support, providing a strong guarantee for the marketing of the early stage of the energy industry and user marketing.

In addition, the company also officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the nation's online energy retail giants, the owner of the country 10,000 + gas station; 270,000 + charging pile data resources will be shared with the energy resources, mutual benefit. It is worth noting that Yuchuang Energy also signed a strategic cooperation with Xinbiao Group, a leading provider of power supply technology solutions in China, to jointly promote the nationwide layout and landing of “Thousands of Cities”.

In addition to working with many industry players, the company has also created a model called “1+X” to effectively promote the DEC distributed energy chain.

It is reported that the “1+X” model is a big data business model that integrates “charging + information value-added services”. This model is mainly based on the massive information data held by charging facilities, providing information consultation for upstream and downstream enterprises and other related industries. Value-added services such as advertising and marketing use the advantages of big data to generate revenue. This model has received the attention and participation of Internet companies due to its high Internet companies due to its high added value and platform function.

In addition, it is a physical industry business model that combines “charging + commodity service consumption”. By using the time window of electric vehicle charging service, customers will be introduced into the surrounding commodity retail and service consumption industries to drive related industries to profit.
Such an innovative model can form a charging service industry chain and exert the consumption leverage effect. For the charging station, the fast charging business can be mixed with retail and consumption to enhance the overall profitability of the industry. In addition, the distribution of the core business district in the layout of the charging facility can further increase the added value of the charging business.Distributed energy chain



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