Im Now A Mining Magnate, Im Buying Gold Mines And Banks - You Can Too!

Im Now A Mining Magnate, Im Buying Gold Mines And Banks - You Can Too!

Recently i wrote a funny little article detailing how i am basically warren buffet now, and today i wanted to show everyone my latest investments - namely gold mines and banks.

I must be really rich huh? Im loaning out money for international margin lending services, and here i am buying banks and gold mines!

Well today i am working towards buying virtual gold mines and virtual banks.

Prospectors is a free to play blockchain game that allows you to earn real money inside the game. Set in the old west days, the goal of this game is to setup gold miners, mine gold and earn money!

This game has been in development for over a year and it's nothing like those mining scam websites you have seen where you need to purchase "mining power" to play the game.. it's a real game with it's own in game currency based on the EOS blockchain.


It takes some time to build up enough gold to setup a gold mine or a bank, but they are actually real virtual businesses that make money. For example, if you buy a bank for 10 million gold you earn profit from other users who come into your bank to cash in their gold, an essential service in the game.

When buying a gold mine, you need to rent land from other users in the game, buy tools and equipment from the marketplace.. all of the digital items in this game are worth real money. You can setup real virtual gold mines, banks, coffee shops and other little businesses inside the game and earn real money.

Recently i created a telegram chat group for bitcoin affiliate marketers to network, chat, share referral links and share tips on how to promote the various bitcoin referral programs.

For our telegram group we are creating a guild - a team - to all mine gold in prospectors together, and i invite you to join us! Together we can be stronger and work together and create a massive mining empire!

So here is quick guide on how to get started with prospectors and join our soon to be mighty mining empire.

First you will need Google chrome to play this game, if you don't have that go download it here.

Next, visit the prospectors website using this link -

You will see this page:



Click choose server.

Next you will see this page:


Click wild west, and then click game. This is where our guild is located, on the EOS server.

Next you will be asked to create an EOS wallet. I used wombat as it seemed nice and easy to use, although you can choose any of the EOS wallet from the list.

This is where your money is stored, so make sure you save your information or you will lose all of your gold and access to the game.

Once you have your wallet setup, go back to the main page by clicking this link again -

Now this time you can join the wild west server and login to the game with your new EOS wallet.

So here is the best part - setting up your workers to earn your first bit of gold!!

On the bottom right hand side of the screen you will see your 3 workers, click on the first one.



A window will pop up, click find a job.



You will see a list of available jobs, click on a few and see which one pays best, then click on perform.



Congratulations, you have earned your first bit of virtual gold!

Now do the same with the other 2 workers, get them working and making you money.

It will take a few hours for your workers to complete their jobs, so there is nothing else to do for now. Come back in 4 hours or whatever the timer says and you can give your workers more jobs and earn more gold.

You need to do this until you build up enough gold to start buying tools.. this will increase your earnings until you have enough to buy more stuff.. and so on until eventually you can build up to owning gold mines, shops and all kinds of virtual businesses.

And finally, to join our mighty guild and earn more profit, join the Telegram group and tell the admins your username!

If you need any help setting up the game or questions feel free to ask in chat group.. good luck to everyone!!







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