How To Earn Bitcoin Online Using These 10 Blockchain Social Media Websites!

How To Earn Bitcoin Online Using These 10 Blockchain Social Media Websites!

Today i wanted to show everyone how to earn bitcoin online using these 10 Blockchain Social Media websites!


I hope to see many more of these types of websites similar to Publish0x.. where anyone in the world can join, create amazing content and get paid cryptocurrency instantly and anonymously.

Social media giants and raking in billions and billions of dollars and keeping all of the profit in the hands of the rich, with blockchain social media this profit can be shares out among the users of the world who help create all of this amazing content.

My website lists all of the different ways to earn crypto online.

The aim of this website is to provide an open source job anyone can do and earn up to $300 USD monthly simply by visiting all of the crypto related websites on this list and completing various micro tasks for each platform.

Below is a preview screenshot of the social media sites section, it lists sites like Publish0x and other social media style sites that let you earn cryptocurrency. These are some of the most profitable sites listed on!


So here is a guide on using the top 10 blockchain social media sites listed on along with details on how to best profit from each system!


1. Publish0x


Publish0x is a blogging platform dedicated to cryptocurrency, and it's the website you are reading this article right now on. Publish0x is fast becoming one of the most popular online cryptocurrency magazines and social media platforms to get the latest news on crypto projects, free coin give away and technical knowledge from experienced crypto vets.

If you can write good quality articles about cryptocurrency you can make a good little income, paid in BAT, LRC and DAI tokens, all of which are easily convertible to cash.

If you can't write articles you can still earn good amounts of free cryptocurrency by reading other users articles and then tipping the writers, you can choose how much of the tip goes to yourself and how much to the writer.. don't be greedy and tip good writers!

You will find the tipping bar at the bottom of each article, you can do 3 tips each day and over the month this can really add up.


Another really good way to earn more profit on Publish0x is by using the ambassador program.. you will earn 5% commission for life on the users you refer.. when they write articles or tip users you will earn profit which could really add up if you refer enough users and they keep using the site for a long time.



2. Read.Cash

ee07ecb4e2dc5949cb8bf351c35c428176e99158cd705de5374ffb70cd9deb20.png is a new blogging platform that runs on the bitcoin cash blockchain, one of the best features about this website is that it allows you to write articles in your native language.. so for many users this will be much easier than trying to create articles in English.

The earnings on this site are really good at the moment, you can earn about 10-30 cents USD for a short article with a few pictures, and write about 5 articles each day. The site is new and the earnings might change in the future, but this website works really nice and the team are doing a great job developing it.


One of the best features of is the instant withdrawal.. i withdrew my first payment of $1 USD instantly and it was in my bitcoin cash wallet before i could even open up the application!



8fedece8e6f2f874c945ac459e08ff9c20260f1236aa40e6e14bdbeee2681c23.png is one of the biggest blockchain based platforms online and it's one of the easiest to earn on also.. all you need to do is reblog other users content, upvote and comment and you can earn Minds tokens. These tokens are currently worth $1-2 USD each, and you can easily earn 1 token a day if you reblog enough good content like this.

Another use for the minds tokens is boosting your content - 1 minds token will get you 1000 views on your content which can be used to promote your Publish0x blog posts, affiliate links, referral programs, bitcoin faucets and other referral programs that earn you money.

The platform is very easy to use, all you need to do is paste in links like youtube videos and most of the time it will create a nice looking post for you instantly. You can upload videos, upload images and create a full blog posts.

One very easy way to earn bitcoin and minds tokens at the same time is to post articles and topics from into - you can copy and paste them in quickly and then earn a few satoshi for every single click on the bitcoin forum topics.. this can really add up if you share good useful articles people want and they reblog them, plus it's an easy way to find good content to post on




Bitcoin forums is another website built by me, it's a cryptocurrency forum that shares the advertising revenue with the users.

Bitcoin forums is a powerful satoshi generating machine that allows you to earn a few Satoshi for every single page view your topic generates, along with all comments you receive, upvotes, favorites and more. Payments will be done instantly using Faucetpay micro wallet, for now you can join our telegram group and request manual payment once you reach 100,000 satoshi.


If you write good quality original articles and then share them out across social media with your unique referral code you will double your earnings.. you will receive 2 satoshi per page view and then 2 satoshi for a referral view.

The easiest way to earn on this platform is be reading topics and then commenting, you will earn satoshi for every comment although if you spam the board with useless comments you might get banned.. so actually read peoples topics and write something interesting or add more information to the topic.. people might upvote your replies and you can earn even more!



b3a878f8fa84f21ee213835bfb846d95b35f93bf120b724c7de40af9a10f7bde.png is a video sharing website that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by watching videos, uploading videos, creating articles, referring users and receiving tips from other users.

The best way to earn money on LBRY is by uploading videos, although you can also earn some very good profit simply by watching videos each day, you get bonuses for the more videos you watch. Another great way to earn profit on this site is by referring users, you will receive 15 tokens for ever user who you refer to the site which is about 15 - 20 cents USD and might be worth even more in the future as this video sharing site grows in popularity.


6. Beer Money Forum


Beer money forums is a new forum that is paying people tokens for posting new topics and interacting with the community. Currently the tokens are not on the exchanges, although this forum is growing fast and has many thousands of users online already.

Another way you can earn profit on this website is by posting your referral links and Publish0x articles onto the forum to generate more page views and higher profits, more sign ups and increase your Google rankings.


7. Bitcoin Fly


Bitcoin Fly is a new blogging platform that pays you Ethereum for every single page view done on your articles. This site is just new and the owner is friend of mine who is part of our marketing team.. we will all push this blogging platform hard and generate great traffic into it!

The best way to earn on this platform is by writing good quality articles and then sharing those out on social media. No need for a referral code as every single page view counted on your blog posts are counted.. even google search traffic!

If you can't write articles.. bitcoin fly has also has a great referral program where you can earn 10% profit for life from all the users you refer, so this one could be a great Ethereum generating machine once the website becomes bigger and you refer some good writers to the site.


8. Pre Search


Most people here will know about presearch, it's a popular search engine that pays you cryptocurrency for completing searches. Presearch allows you to use multiple search engines from one page, so you got Bing, Google, Duckduckgo, etherscan, twitter search and much more.

This search is really easy to use, to earn the most i would suggest you make Presearch your home page and you can earn new tokens each day and help support the site at the same time, just make sure you really use the search engine when you want to search instead of going to the site each just to claim coins and you will do great on this site!


9. Web Talk


Webtalk is a long running forum / social that has a huge amount of users from all around the world, the system is very complex and takes some time to get used too but it also has some of the most powerful features available out of all the social media sites.

This site is easy to use and post content, if you want you can simply embed youtube videos and make a few comments then past it in quick. The best way to earn on this site is be social and interact, post good comments and make good comments on other users content, reshare it and be a good user on the network.

This site gives a share of the monthly pie to each user, so the more posting and sharing you do the more you will earn on this platform.. and if you post good content and build followers you could earn some good money on this platform.



10. Trybe Social


And last but certainly not least is Trybe Social!

This new blogging platform pays users tokens to post content, last time i checked it was around 500 tokens for posting an article which could be really good once the token is listed on the exchanges.

If the Trybe token price increases as the platform becomes more popular your tokens could increase in value a fair bit.. and Trybe is an easy to use platform that has many writers and bloggers you can promote to and interact with.

Another way to earn profit on this platform is by referring users to the platform, you will earn 1000 Trybe tokens be users referred and it's a very easy way to earn more tokens and help promote the Trybe platform.


11. Bonus - Telegram Referrals Channel


Telegram isn't on the blockchain although it soon will be.. and here is a great way to earn extra income!

Telegram is a great communications and marketing tool and offers users easy ways to earn cryptocurrency online using the various telegram earning bots that pay you to visit websites or join different telegram channels.. some of these are actually pretty cool and really pay.

You can use the referral links telegram group to submit your referral links to different bitcoin related affiliate programs where thousands of people will see it.

You need to show payment proofs and actually use these systems yourself, if you post good quality links you can get many referrals and we might even promote them across the network.

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