Here Is A Simple Way To Increase Your Earnings When Blogging!

Here Is A Simple Way To Increase Your Earnings When Blogging!

Here is a very simple way to increase your earnings when blogging and writing articles. pays you bitcoin for each click you send. Simply embed the links into any webpage, and when someone clicks on them you will earn a small amount of bitcoin.


Here are a few examples of how you could earn extra money with this system, without doing too much extra work.


Each time you write an article, embed a text link.

It will take you around 7 seconds to do this, and this link will keep earning you money passively for years and years.

For example, when you write articles about different crypto projects, you could simply make the word earn bitcoin a text link and use your referral code. It's the smallest, cleanest little ad you will ever see.

Every time someone clicks on this link you will earn a small amount of bitcoin.. it's too easy.


Use image advertising in your blog posts.

Another example, is you could place a small image advertisement at the bottom of your blog posts, for example:


Upload the image into your blog post, and then link to the image using your referral code.

This method will generate many more clicks than a simple text link, although it takes up more space. Using this method, you can now place banner ads into any website that accepts html, and be paid for every single click generated.


Write reviews on our projects.

If your looking for good quality crypto projects to blog about, try writing reviews on our projects - this method can generate the most profit from our system.

Write articles promoting our projects, and then link to our website using your unique referral code.

We have many unique images you can use, just download them from our blog and then create your own articles.

Here are some examples:

Short Kucoin article to generate high click through rate, less information.

Long Prospectors article, more information, lower clicks, higher traffic.

Article with 10 paid links to click on, generate search traffic & passive income.


You can now add pay per click ads to your blogs!

None of the blogging platforms including Publish0x let you add iframes or javascript adds to your blog posts - with good reason.. anyone could inject viruses into the website.

With this simple little system you can now add pay per click ads into any social media website and easily increase your earnings with your current blogging methods without doing too much extra work at all.


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