Do You Like To Gamble Using Bitcoin? Mine Tokens, Get Lifetime Revenue Share By Gambling

Do You Like To Gamble Using Bitcoin? Mine Tokens, Get Lifetime Revenue Share By Gambling

Do You Like To Gamble Using Bitcoin? Bet Fury lets you Mine Tokens by gambling, you can get lifetime revenue share simply by gambling on the website.


Currently i am getting double my cash back every 365 days, the ROI is around 150 days on what i gambled so far at the current payment rates, bet fury shares the daily gambling profits based on how many tokens your holding.. the more you can gamble without losing the more tokens you can earn and the more daily profits you can get.



I like gambling and with Carona and being stuck inside i have not been able to get my gambling fix, Bet Fury has 1000+ games including poker machines, live blackjack and roulette tables, it's basically a full casino online.

The system is open and transparent and i have won many times and withdrawn money, i also lost lots of time too of course but with the dividend payments, up to 25% cash back, free bitcoin faucet and referral system this website is a good way to earn bitcoin online and allows you to do alot of gambling cheap.

The system is around a year old and has around 50,000 users so far, the dividend pool seems to be increasing very fast and in the last couple of weeks of me using the site it's gone from 70 BTC to 97 BTC.



The cash back system allows you to get up to 25% of the money you lose back, although this will take along time to achieve as you need to gamble a total of 10,000 BTC, although if you some how did this the amount of tokens and daily dividends you will receive would be amazing.

The only way to do this would be to auto bet for long periods of time and were able to bet more than $10 more bet, or perhaps coming up with some sort of amazing gambling strategy of your own.




This game is deadly it's called Crash, you place a bet of any amount and then wait for the rocket ship to take off.. the long you hold on the more you earn but he can crash at any moment and often crashes right away.. but sometimes he just keeps on flying and flying and you can get hundreds or even thousands of times you money.



Here is the classic mines game, this can be a good way to multiple your coins fast - if you can pick the right icons of course. Here is a win i just got while writing this article and taking a screenshot, i bet 5 of my BFG tokens and got 16 tokens back.. although i don't suggest anyone bet with their BFG tokens because they are hard to get and generate daily profits!!



The dice game is one of the best games to use to generate BFG tokens, with 49% odds out of 1000 auto bets you will only lose 10 bets on average.. this means you can bet for many hours without losing too much money and generate the maximum amount of BFG tokens possible.

There are a million strategies you can use with the dice game and auto betting, the idea is to turn over as many bets as possible and generate as many BFG tokens as possible to increase your daily payouts.



The poker machines are great and i have won a number of times, here is one of my best wins.. 3000 TRX worth about $75 USD!

You can run these on auto bet and each bet generates a good amounts of BFG tokens.. you will get daily cashback for life the more you can gamble and it's possible to win some really big amounts on these machines it all depends on how much you are betting.



With the current return on investment time of only 150 days this is amazing compared to any other gambling system, basically whatever you lose you will get back in 150 days.. and each year you will slowly get double your money back.

If you use these daily profits to gamble again you can keep increasing the amounts of tokens you hold and your daily profits.. and who knows you might get some really great wins along the way too.


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