Chain Warriors Is A New MMORPG Where You Can Earn Crypto In The Game
Chain Warriors Is A New MMORPG Where You Can Earn Crypto In The Game

Chain Warriors is a new MMORPG where you can earn cryptocurrency in the game by randomly finding items or completing missions in the game.

You can find rare items and sell them on the marketplace in online auctions, get rewards for defeating monsters and earn cryptocurrency in many different ways.

This game runs on the Abyss platform which has a great collection of new blockchain based games you can play, including the highly anticipated 3D shooter which uses the unreal engine - Age Of Rust.

Some key features of chain warriors include:

  • Collect unique sets, get valuable artifacts in dangerous dungeons and sell them for real crypto!
  • Participate in PvP tournaments, defeat your enemies and receive rare and unique items as a reward!
  • Upgrade goldmines or rob other players to earn lots of gold (or do both to earn even more gold!)
  • Enhance ancient equipment, train pets and assemble a dream set of power







Click here to play Chain Warriors online!


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