There Is No Second Breast

Bienvenidos mis ositos, tu siempre eres mis queridos! (Welcome back little bears you are always my dears!)

I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes

I have to turn my head until my darkness goes

Paint It, Black

-The Rolling Stones


Things are starting to heat up!

Hot and humid weather has moved in to my part of the world.

Beads of sweat drip from my forehead as I type this.

The good thing is the ladies have dusted off their summer gear!

It’s hard not to get distracted by every jiggle and wiggle.

Likewise in the crypto markets Bitcoin has started to heat up.

By association Bitcoin mining stocks have also started to get excited as evidenced by strong girthy green candles.

Don’t get any dirty thoughts in your head or you’ll be hauled off to horny jail!


The plebs see a light at the end of the crypto tunnel!

The only thing that might poop on the crypto parade is a DCG bankruptcy.


But even a DCG bankruptcy may not derail the Bitcoin bull.

Let’s see if (when?) ETH and other alts can catch up.

The thought of another altcoin season has caused people to get giddy and grouchy at the same time.

BTC and ETH maxis are at each other’s throats again.

I really don’t care about either camp. I’m a profit maxi. Let the best crypto win!

I like and own Ethereum but it’s still very much a work in progress. Maybe when ETH gets closer to its final form we’ll see the much heralded “flippening”.

There is an ETHE trust that is publicly traded for TradFi users but where are the ETH spot ETF filings?

Maybe once a BTC spot ETF gets approved that might encourage the TradFi firms to take more risk.

Until then ETH will have to be content with playing second fiddle.

Good money can still be made with ETH. It has a staking yield. There’s quite a few cool projects on ETH but someone needs to come up with a way to decrease the friction that exists when moving between different layer 2 solutions.

I’m sympathetic to the ETH cause.

I finished reading Camila Russo’s book the Infinite Machine.

It chronicles the growth of ETH from an idea in Vitalik’s brain to the next in line to BTC’s throne.

It’s a nice read but ETH needs a killer app that appeals to the masses.  Some more good narratives wouldn’t hurt either.

For now I’ve started stacking satoshis again. For investment purposes, there’s no substitute for having actual Bitcoin in your own custody.

However for SPECULATIVE purposes, these Bitcoin spot ETFs should have better option markets.

That means more liquidity, tighter spreads, and more trading opportunities for everyone.

It’s not a bad idea to front run the traditional finance institutions.

As Michael Saylor likes to remind everyone there is no second best.


Obviously none of this is formal financial or tax advice. You need to find qualified professionals in your jurisdiction.

Be sharp, stay hungry let’s get that money!


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