How to get discounted quality proof of stake assets: Kujira Orca Update

Bienvenidos mis ositos, tu siempre eres mis queridos! (Welcome back little bears you are always my dears!)

It has been a struggle to find something interesting to write about in the crypto world lately. Most of the big names have just chopped around. The Bitcoin conference was mildly amusing. The Bitcoin bull statue was the highlight for me.


I secretly wanted a market pump but I suppose we’ll have to wait for the next halving cycle in 2024.

Perhaps the alleged Ethereum proof of stake merge will bring a bit of excitement back?

While we wait let me tell you about another proof of stake project that’s been hard at work rolling nice updates for users.

Kujira is a great tool in general but really shines in a bear market. Kujira allows you to place bids on proof of stake collateral assets.

They are in the Terra Luna ecosystem but are quite friendly with other chains.

$sAVAX, $bATOM, $bETH, $bLUNA, are currently on the menu.

$bSOL which is up for vote on the Anchor Protocol governance forum should be added assuming the vote passes.

 You can also see that the dashboard already has Polkadot placeholders as well.


What’s really amazing is that on Kujira you have the choice of using regular $UST or $aUST. For those that need a refresher, $aUST is the interest bearing version of $UST. That means you can earn interest on your bids!

In the TradFi world, this would be the same as getting paid interest on a limit order!!!

You can use your cross chain assets as collateral in the Anchor protocol to borrow $UST. You can then use that $UST however you like. You can bridge the $UST to another chain and use it to yield farm. Or if you want to keep it simple you can redeposit into Anchor to get interest.

If you don’t feel like borrowing or yield farming yet you can simply hold the tokens in your wallet and collect your staking rewards in the form of $UST. You will need to go to the bASSET tab on the Anchor protocol to claim your rewards.

The current eligible assets are $bATOM, $bETH, $bLUNA.


If you go through the collateral assets you’ll also notice that you can start bidding on liquidations from Mars protocol as well.

The $KUJI token itself is also quite amazing. If you stake your $KUJI tokens to get $sKUJI, you will accrue a cut of the protocol fees.

If you decide to cash out you will get paid a basket of collateral assets!!!

Take a look at the fees directly from the Kujiare Orca app:


You can also take a look at other metrics on their Kuji blue dashboard. I think most people would appreciate their transparency.


They’re very aggressive in shipping. There’s a rumor that they wil create a “bKUJI”. Could this mean we could soon use the $KUJI token itself as collateral on Anchor?!?

Sometimes the market acts irrationally. Currently the token price is below the sKUJI pool value price!


Obviously none of this is formal financial or tax advice. You need to find qualified professionals in your jurisdiction.

Be sharp, stay hungry let’s get that money!


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