How to spend three days in Egypt do nothing but relax and enjoy!



On your first day you can enjoy a tour of the most famous city in Egypt, the capital of Cairo and travel in a variety of different and distinctive visits starting from Old Cairo and spend your first tour in Egypt as you move between the traditional popular neighborhoods and go on a wonderful tour to a group of more Churches are famous in Cairo such as the Hanging Church and also the Abu Sirga Church, as well as Ben Ezra Church and more in Old Cairo.
Among these visits and beautiful landmarks is a visit to the famous fortress of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, which was built by Salah al-Din himself in 1183 and is located on top of Mount Mokattam, which was considered Egypt's strong fortress against invading attacks.
What an informative and rich tour of ancient historical monuments!




Then to the second round the next day, to the bride of the Mediterranean (Alexandria)

To one of the most important tourist destinations in Egypt, the coastal city to which tourists come from inside and outside Egypt because of its charm and beauty of its atmosphere as well as distinctive landmarks known as the famous Library of Alexandria, which is one of the largest and most famous libraries in the world and then go to visit the castle The old Qaitbay, which was a fortress for the Egyptian forces for a long time, to protect Egypt and face the enemies, and then to a different visit to the palace of Montazah, which was the seat of King Farouk during his reign of the country in addition to your visit to the oldest church in Africa St. Mark's Church, and With all these places and landmarks End visits did not drink a great, but there are places you can enjoy Ajamil to visit and where to limit the presence to Encick anything but you enjoy the wonderful tour.



And now to your last day in your trip to Egypt, but the opportunities for enjoyment is not over yet. There you still have a very beautiful tour to Hurghada
In the past of your visits and tours you enjoy exploring the various landmarks, whether castles, museums or churches, but this tour is completely different, you move to a different city where you enjoy visits to the charming nature of nature, this tour is characterized by greater relaxation and meditation since you arrive there will feel a clear difference The atmosphere and the beauty of the beaches and you can enjoy the distinctive water activities such as swimming in the waters of the pure Red Sea or a wonderful exploration, which inevitably I will be very excited in the driving tour to explore the hidden beauty underwater, then you can enjoy the most beautiful conclusion of this Wonderful dinner distinctive Bedouin-style or roam between Slasal magnificent Red Sea Mountains and you're riding a horse or a camel
What an enjoyable tour and a wonderful trip from the first day in Cairo through your travel between the landmarks and your visits in Alexandria and until this wonderful end in Hurghada. 


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How to spend three days in Egypt
How to spend three days in Egypt

Enjoy the best three days in Egypt and visit the best and famous attractions in Egypt

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