Supporting Black lives Matter through Ethereum via Pixelchain - a project

Hey gang, i just wanted to quickly share a little project i created today to support both cryptocurrency and the black lives matter movement. While scrolling through my twitter feed today a ran across a cool little ethereum project called Pixelchain. Pixelchain is a decentralized application that allows users to create 32x32 pixel art on the ethereum blockchain.

It’s the first project in the crypto industry that enables collectors, artists, and users to easily create pixel artwork and save 100% of the image’s information on the blockchain. Pixelchain uses an opensource decoder built exclusively for this project. It also has a really friendly UI that allows any user to create pixel art without requiring any previous technical knowledge.


It's super user friendly and in the span of 30 minutes i had finished my first piece of artwork. Granted, it was no masterpiece, but it was a start and it was a lot of fun. It reminded me a lot of Mario Paint for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and brought me back to my childhood days. To complete each project and memorialize them forever on the ethereum blockchain i ended up paying just under $2 in gas fees for each one (i made 4 so far). After you finish a project you can even list it on opensea for anyone to bid on or purchase outright. I currently have all four of my projects listed on the market and will keep you guys updated if they get any bids.

5d7826227f349865449c9a3ad5edcd8ee687514f04b4a589f9b151c2d50bf115.jpegAnyway, the main reason i am writing this article is to try and get a little support for some good causes. 

1. I created a Black lives matter piece that i have listed on Opensea right now for auction. I plan to donate the proceeds (if it sells) to the Black Lives Matter movement and the George Floyd Memorial Fund.

2. I wanted to support ethereum and projects created on the ethereum platform. 


If anyone has any questions please feel free to leave a comment. I will leave links below to my marketplace and in particular this project if anyone is interested in supporting a good cause. Thanks for reading guys, as always, i appreciate all of you.

Black Lives Matter art :

My marketplace :

Pixelchain :

My Twitter :

Also, if you are not a member of publish0x i will include my ambassador link here. i appreciate anyone who uses it to sign up :

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