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TubeBuddy Review: Your Best Friend On The Road To YouTube Success.




TubeBuddy is a browser extension which adds a layer of amazing functionality right on top of YouTube's website.

If you are a YouTube video creator or planning to became one, here’s your next best friend.

I first came across this tool when I was searching for how to optimise my YouTube videos for more views and rank them higher on the results page.

TubeBuddy is a browser extension built on the premise that youtube creators should be able to spend more time creating videos and less time managing them. As a browser extension available on Chrome, Safari, FireFox and Opera, TubeBuddy integrates directly into YouTube’s website and nearly all of our tools can be accessed right from inside YouTube’s website.

For example, they add a TubeBuddy button next to every video on your "My Videos" page and users can click that button to access all TubeBuddy tools for that particular video. No need to log into an external website like most products.






  • Productivity

  • Canned Responses

         Use pre-written messages in various areas of YouTube

  • Card Templates

         Set any video as a Card Template then easily apply its Cards to new uploads

  • End Screen Templates

         Set any video as a End Screen Template then easily apply its End Screen Elements to new uploads

  • Playlist Actions

         Advanced ordering and filtering options for videos within playlists

  • Quick-Edit Toolbar

         Easily navigate between videos when editing a list

  • Scheduled Publish

         Schedule unlisted videos to be published and added to playlists at a future date/time

  • Scheduled Video Update

         Schedule video updates at a future date/time

  • Thumbnail Generator

         Create professional quality thumbnails using still frames from your video and text/image overlays

  • & more


  • Bulk Processing

  • Bulk Copy Cards

         Automate the process of copying Cards across some or all of your videos

  • Bulk Copy End Screen

         Automate the process of copying End Screens across some or all of your videos

  • Bulk Delete Cards

         Delete Cards from some or all of your videos with just a few clicks

  • Bulk Delete End Screen

         Automate the process of deleting End Screens Elements across some or all of your videos

  • Bulk Update Cards

         Automate the process of updating Cards across some or all of your videos

  • Bulk Update End Screens

         Automate the process of updating End Screen across some or all of your videos

  • Bulk Update Playlists

         Update Privacy, Ordering and Filtering settings across some or all your Playlists at once

  • & more


  • Video SEO

  • Keyword Explorer

       The ultimate Keyword research tool for YouTube and Google Trends

  • SEO Studio

       Optimize your video metadata for a specific keyword.

  • Suggested Tags

       Discover the best Tags to drive the most views to your video

  • Tag Lists

       Create and manage centralized lists of Tags

  • Tag Rankings

       Instantly see where you video ranks in search results for each its tags

  • Tag Sorter

       Reorder your video Tags on any video in any order quickly and easily

  • & more


  • Promotion

  • Promotion Materials

       Specialized links and code for promoting your channel and videos

  • Share Tracker

       Share your video on multiple social networks and track which ones you've shared to

  • Vid2Vid Promotion

       Promote one of your videos in the descriptions of all your other videos

  • & more


  • Data & Reasearch

  • Channel Backup

       Protect yourself against lost data by backing up all your videos' metadata

  • Health Report

       Get an overall look at the health and performance of your channel

  • Retention Analyzer

       See how videos across your channel are performing at various time intervals

  • Social Monitor

       See where your videos are being talked about across Twitter, Reddit, Google+ and Pinterest

  • Videolytics

       Access advanced analytics and insights, instantly for any YouTube video

  • & more


TubeBuddy Plans


  • The Free Plan

You’ll even notice the ‘Tag Explorer’ is somewhat limited (in comparison to the paid packages).You also can’t process your videos in bulk.

If you’re first starting out, the free version is a great place to begin.

But... If you aren't a newbie on YouTube you could miss out all the SEO help you need to get your videos ranked.

  • There Are 3 Paid Plans

  • The cheapest bundle’s the Pro Plan which starts at $9 a month. You'll primarily gain access to features centering on productivity and video optimization.
  • The next step up is the Star Plan. This will set you back $19 a month and permits you access to everything in the Pro Plan plus, plenty of other time-saving tools, most notably the bulk video processing function.
  • Last but not least, there’s the Legend bundle which entitles you to all of TubeBuddy’s features. 


Also, with their affiliate market you can earn money & update for your tube buddy account.

Earning levels:


  • Standard Affiliate
    • 30% commission
    • Recurring commission
  • VIP Affiliate
    • 40% commission
    • Recurring commission
    • No minimum payout
    • Free 1 year Star upgrade for yourself
  • Super Affiliate
    • 50% commission
    • Recurring commission
    • No minimum payout
    • Free lifetime Legend upgrade for yourself



Install & test it yourself:




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