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DeGeThal - DECENTRALIZED THALER | Crypto, e-wallet, smart banking and trading made easier

By d3mentOr | How To Earn Money Online | 26 Oct 2021




DeGeThal creates a favourable environment for secure payments in cryptocurrencies and fiat assets, for trading fiat and digital assets, for accepting payments, making financial and banking services available to all users regardless of their place of residence, citizenship, education and level of wealth.

The goal of the DeGeThal ecosystem is to link cryptocurrency with fiat in order to create a convenient payment tool based on a multi-currency wallet that supports bank cards and bank accounts that would allow users to make payments from one wallet around the world, to use ATM to withdraw and replenish the wallet, to make fast and cheap payments around the world, to exchange and convert cryptocurrency and fiat.



The DeGeThal ecosystem:


📌 Wallet and payment system with Visa/MasterCard cards

The DeGeThal wallet is a multi-currency wallet that allows users to safely store and transfer cryptocurrencies and fiat.
The wallet is integrated with bank cards and bank accounts to ensure the interaction of cryptocurrency with fiat.


📌 Exchange (CEX) with liquidity pool

DeGeThal creates its own CEX exchange with a liquidity pool that provides an instant exchange of digital assets inside the wallet.
Sending crypto listed onto DeGeThal exchange by username only brings ease of use for everyone.

📌 NFT marketplace

Having an NFT marketplace with the ability to create NFTs, promote them, sell and buy NFTs provides users with additional opportunities for creativity and for earning money.

📌 Staking program and reward system

The Staking program is used to support DTM holders.
DTM holders have the right to receive a reward for blocking their tokens in the wallet.


📌 Voting system

There are 3 levels of voting:
● 1st level - submission of a proposal,
● 2nd level - execution of a proposal,
● 3rd level - confirmation of execution.

📌 Payment gateway and smart contracts

A payment gateway allows users to accept payments in cryptocurrencies around the world.
Suppliers of goods and services can connect to the wallet through a payment gateway to accept cryptocurrencies.


📌 Own blockchain


📌 DTM Token

The DTM token is a core element in the DeGeThal ecosystem, connecting all the parts of the platform into a single whole.



► Price: 1 BNB = 1600 DTM
► Min. contribution = 0.2 BNB
► Max. contribution = 50 BNB


Presale: LINK : 


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