brave problem found
brave problem found

Hi everybody,

this is an important message.


I will make it short and simple in a few words.


you must use 3 computer max using brave on the same account because,

if you do not respect it you will no longer be rewarded see very very little kind 0.70 max per month  I tested and I had to start all over with a new email address and I lost a total of around 60 bat.


I hope I have resolved some questions of some, whose brave no longer rewards have a lovely day everybody.


sorry for my english i'm french.



How to destroy lung, breast cancer and leukemia
How to destroy lung, breast cancer and leukemia

Oriental medicine with annual sagebrush plant Artemisia annua These virtues and benefits It fights fever thanks to a diaphoretic effect (it makes you sweat). It promotes the arrival of periods and calms them if they are too abundant. It fights parasitic blood diseases. Efficacy with iron in the blood in case of leukemia, breast cancer and lung cancer other cancers I don't know yet, You have to test. The Vietnamese use it regularly for different types of cancer.

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