Learning how to code in my middle age - Week 4 [Memory]

Learning how to code in my middle age - Week 4 [Memory]

By NewToCrypto | New to crypto | 12 Aug 2020

I started taking this course in the middle of June. That means I've been doing this for a couple of months now. I've been studying regularly, but I'm not even half done yet!

This week and the next conclude the C part of the lecture. Week 6 is the intro to Python and Week 7 is SQL. I appreciate that the course started with C. (Actually, with Scratch, but I'm not counting that.) C is very tedious. You have to do some stuff manually like allocating memory and releasing it. It gives you a better understanding of how computers work, though.

But, to be honest, I'm getting tired of it. I can't wait to start Python and SQL. Especially SQL because it's a language I'm somewhat familiar with. I miss my comfort zone.

The course concludes with a final project and there seem to be four streams: android app dev, ios app dev, games dev and web dev. At the moment, I'm eyeing on web dev because it seems the least intimidating. Also, I'm interested in creating/maintaining databases so backend dev might be an OK fit.

But first I need to finish this week's assignment! I found this week's lecture hard to digest so I ended up watching it twice and made a detailed note during the second watching. The first assignment where I converted bitmap images to grayscale, sepia, horizontal mirror image and blurred image was surprisingly straightforward. But that is probably because I took up the easier option. Now I'm working on the second assignment where I have to recover deleted JPEG files. I'm struggling to write a pseudocode.

I'll continue to work on this tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and basically until I finish and submit the assignment. It's hard to sit through and stare at the screen all day because it's summer and beautiful outside. Isn't it a sin to waste our ephemeral summer studying? Nope, it's not, quit whining and code, code, code!

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New to crypto

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