I just kon-maried airdropping: no more crypto clutter!

I just kon-maried airdropping: no more crypto clutter!

By NewToCrypto | New to crypto | 27 Jun 2020

My first taste of crypto came via the Coinbase learn & earn. So I assumed that there are cryptos up for grabs if you looked hard enough in the vast land of the internet. It didn’t take long for me to discover crypto faucet and airdrops. I wasted about two weeks in the swamp that is the crypto faucet. Then moved on to airdropping.

Then this afternoon, after two months of diligently entering my for-airdrops-only email address and doing various social media tasks in the promise of receiving tokens that have a very little chance of mooning in the future, my Telegram account somehow got deleted. Yup, the same Telegram account I used to sign up for all the airdrops. Is it because I changed the app permissions for it last night? But why would they delete my account without warning? I have no way of claiming those airdrops anymore since being part of airdrop-specific Telegram groups is one of the conditions to receive tokens.

I should be devastated right now but I’m not. I feel like a huge burden is lifted off my shoulder. To be honest, I was starting to suspect that airdropping was just not compatible with my minimalistic lifestyle. All the accounts I created at different crypto exchanges, all the wallets I downloaded and all the email addresses I created were cluttering my phone and my mind. Oh, and can I bitch about Telegram? I fucking hated how messy the interface was.

So I deleted most of airdrop-related apps and bookmarks. I updated the email addresses of exchanges that I want to keep using with a semi-permanent address. Deleted a bunch of Google Authenticator entries and Bitwarden items. Deleted Facebook and Instagram account, and unfollowed all the airdrop sponsors on Twitter.

I feel like I just lost two pounds, LOL. Now if I can bypass uphold wallet to claim BAT tokens, that would be perfect.

New to crypto
New to crypto

A newbie taking wobbly first steps in the brave new cryptocurrency world. Nothing useful for seasoned crypto warriors to see here.

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