Will Dickening Still Happen?

Will Dickening Still Happen?

A few days ago, I just wrote a post about the dickening — an “event” where McAfee would eat his genital if Bitcoin reached USD$1,000,000 at the end of this year.

But —

McAfee just got arrested in Spain and will be extradited to US to face tax evasion and fraud charges.

SEC chasing John McAfee

Image from r/Cryptocurrency on Reddit

Ill-gotten wealth from ICOs

The SEC has filed charges against McAfee due to evading taxes and not reporting the money ($23 million) he made from promoting ICOs in 2017-2018.

Well, McAfee does not really try so hard to hide his hate against taxes. He once tweeted that he hadn’t paid taxes for 8 years because taxation is illegal.

Dickening Help from Jail mates?

If imprisoned, McAfee could potentially still do the deed but with the help from his jail mates. 
I mean, the man is McAfee and he’s been living a strange life.

But honestly John, we just want Bitcoin to stop going sideways.

Nobody really cares about your banana. Whether you eat it or not or have someone eat it, you do you.

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