AnchorUSD Supports Flare Airdrop for Spark Tokens

AnchorUSD Supports Flare Airdrop for Spark Tokens

AnchorUSD, a high yield interest USD and crypto savings platform just announced support for Flare ardrop of Spark tokens on Twitter.

What does it mean?

If you hold XRP on AnchorUSD (available both on ioS and Android), you will receive Spark tokens (Flare native token) on a 1:1 ratio.

So, let’s say you have 5000 XRP. You will also receive 5000 Spark tokens.

The process of redeeming Spark tokens is yet to be announced, but while you are waiting your XRP continues to earn interest on AnchorUSD.

It’s time to take my XRP Back

The first to announce support for Flare airdrop were XUMM, Ledger, and Bitrue.

I chose XUMM and created XRP wallet which costed 20 XRP. It’s actually quite expensive just for wallet creation.

To take back my XRP, I have to use xrptoolkit but with a catch: I need to pay 5 XRP for the deletion of my XRP account.

Therefore, I’ll have 15 XRP.

At current price of XRP (0.29$), that’s $1.45. I can already buy myself some Taro milk tea with that amount.

Get AnchorUSD

Don’t let your cryptocurrency holdings and USD sit for nothing. Get daily compounded interest up to 8% APR.

To read more about AnchorUSD, I wrote a post about it on Publish0x, a site where you get paid in BAT and Ethereum for reading and writing.

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