4 Types of Garbage Cryptocurrency Articles on Publish0x

4 Types of Garbage Cryptocurrency Articles on Publish0x

Without further ado *no drumroll please*. 

1. Referral King

This one doesn’t need an explanation. Their posts are filled with reflinks more than a valuable content.

Their main purpose is for you to try the products, so they will earn some commission. They will also omit purposely any catch, so you will not be deterred to click the links.

Tip: Adding referral links isn’t bad. I do that too! But you have to be transparent and don’t write a whole post just with links to the projects or products. 

2. Defi

Defi is the trend. I would like to write more about it too; but what makes other defi articles here a poor quality is they write to mainly state the obvious or shill the coins.

This is how it goes:

*It starts with talking about the basics of the defi coin like what it does or it starts with the current news about that particular defi coin*
*then comes the speculation for the price. So apparently, if it’s worth cents or $4 or $300 now, it doesn’t matter because IT MIGHT GO UP therefore encouraging readers to invest in it indirectly*
*and it will end in dropping referral links*

Don’t worry though even CZ of Binance is shady. Listing UNI 90 minutes after it went live on Ethereum to earn some quick profits.

3. The Cryptotrader Expert

This one is so funny.

I see posts about technical analysis frequently. A few are good, most are like written just because they have something to write?

How can you tell it’s bad?

Well, the formula is simple:

*Hello friends, so as we can see the price of Bitcoin has gone up to 11,000 so the bulls might be back on the game*
*disclaimer* But don’t quote me on this. I’m just sharing with you what I think.
*the end*

4. Repurposed Content

There’s nothing wrong with repurposing old content. The problem is when you don’t even try to update the post with necessary changes.

I’ve read an article about Stellar citing that its current price was $0.72 and its IBM partnership would push for more people to buy XLM.

That post was clearly written either in 2017 or 2018.

5. The way this is written

Look at how I wrote this. It’s garbage. I did not put any effort to format the texts properly nor did I put any effort to even start with a longer introduction. This post should have stayed in the drafts folder. 

On the other hand, this shows you how easy it is to write if you don’t care about quality.

Throw in some buzz, add some reflinks, and analyze the price. You’re good to go.

Disclaimer: This is a humorous take and not meant to be offensive. This does not reflect all writers on Publish0x nor the Publish0x.

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(I just threw a referral link oopsss.)

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