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Welcome To The HoboDAO Publish0x Page.


What is Hobo DAO?

Hobo Dao is a multi chain decentralized project to review and reward long form content with Steem engine tokens. Any steem user can submit a publication and it will be manually reviewed and then rewarded based on the quality of the post. Any topic can be submitted. The posts will be judged based on quality of writing, originality, formatting etc. A team of "casters" review every post on a 0-5 scale and the scores are added up for each post. Winnings are announced on steem and tokens are automatically rewarded to the users Steem-engine wallet in the form of HBO tokens.

So far only steem posts have been reviewed. However we are quickly expanding to other sites. Publish0x posts will now be accepted for review. You still need a steem account to enter and receive your rewards, but you can now enter publish0x articles through the hobodao on steem.

Lets take a look at a "contest round" and see the rewards people win. {below}



What Is An HBO Token?!

HBO is the token that fuels the HOBO DAO ecosystem. HBO rewards winners of each "contest round" when you enter your posts for review. Team members are paid in HBO tokens. Hbo tokens are used to enter submissions. https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=HBOr Steem engine is where you are rewarded hbo tokens. Anyone with a steem account automatically has a HBO wallet. In other words: If you entered the Hobo DAO contest system you can receive tokens {because you have a steem account already.} 

If you dont have a steem account head over to https://steempeak.com/ and click "sign up. There are free accounts available. 



How To Submit Your Publication For Review.

1. Send 500 HBO to @hobodao on steem with your {steem or publish0x} publication URL in the memo.

2. Check the account @hobo.media or THIS account to see how much you won!


Is This Really Transparent And Decentralized? 

IF you head over to https://www.steem-engine.rocks you can check all submissions to the HOBO DAO. If you head over to the official Hobo Dao discord https://discord.gg/FA38bxC you can see the review process in real time.


Who Runs The Hobo DAO?

There are {3} groups of users who run the Hobo DAO.

Casters - This group reviews every post and scores them for rewarding.

Auditors - These users manage the token rewards in a democratic and decentralized fashion.

Senators - Manage DAO policy and can adjust Casters and Auditors when necessary.


Why Publish0x?

Publish0x posts are a good choice to curate: There are lots of Steem users here, but no steem reward system. Some users may wish to post long form publications here to earn both Steem AND Eth. The Hobo DAO Hopes to reward long form content on many sites and block chains. This is a good way to boost your tips if you have a high quality article uploaded to publish0x.

Publish0x seems to reward mostly crypto news type of posts. With the Hobo DAO you could publish a post about gardening and if the writing is high quality you could make a pretty decent payout! In other words, something could be unpopular on publish0x but receive a high score {payout} on the HOBODao. This of it as a second chance to get a good publish0x tip.


Good luck to all submissions.





{{Disclaimer: This project is not affiliated with publish0x.com or any Publish0x team members.}}


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HoboDAO Contests
HoboDAO Contests

HoboDAO Contests

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