Uphold wallets soon to be integrated to Mobile Version (Brave)

Uphold wallets soon to be integrated to Mobile Version (Brave)

By Mynima | Hobbyist Updates | 23 May 2020

Right so I normally trawl through Reddit every day or so and in particular the BAT pages. Quite often you'll find folks (particularly around payout time) asking questions to the community that can easily be answered. Figure it is helpful to the community and in adoption if we all help out an answer these questions when we can. It gives the moderators a bit of a break from the usual "It is 1 min past midnight on the 6th, where is my free money!!!1". 

Anyway so I had a quick look today (23May2020) and I see this one:


A legitimate concern and question. When I last swapped phone I was lucky to go the iOS route which, say what you want about apple, was pretty smooth at migrating everything from one phone to the next. But, as I didn't have any experience with the phone the user has, I figured could I think of any other ways to move the BAT and, seeing as there were already responses, lets see the suggestions.

Tip me and  I'll Tip you:


So this one is high risk, but I guess if you can from a bit of trust with someone who has their own site you could do something like this. Tip their site and they tip you back via Reddit. Sure, that could work but receiving tips form a non-uphold wallet (i.e. mobile) take a while to come through, I know I tipped my own site from my phone last month to out the verified status and it didn't come through til the normal payout cycle.

Dude, just tip your own self on Reddit:

Ok so this one I've heard people bat this about (no pun intended) and seen mixed opinions. Some say it is against the rules, some say it is fine. For a start if you use the Reddit app on your phone tipping isn't integrated into the app so you wont see dem triangles. That said if you can go to it via a webpage then in theory you could. If I am honest I've tried to find a way to do this but gave up. 


That said there was one response along these lines that seem to show a glimmer of hope. I tried it this morning, couldn't get it to load on my page so gave up. Let me know if you have a different experience though. 


[EDIT] Figured this out now. Just go to Reddit via Brave on your phone and make sure you're not logged in. Go find one of your posts and click on the u/<YourName>. If you're registered you will see the triangle with a tick on the address bar. Note check when you click it you see "<YourName> on Reddit". If all is good just tip away......or just wait for the wallet, it is up to you.

Just donate it:


One lone voice cries out in the night........The most selfless of the suggestions thrown into the ring and one I think people overlook. Now when it comes to donating, you could use as intended the BAT i.e. for tipping other users. However, I've always been a fan of playing charity roulette, there are a bunch of registered charities that are also brave verified. So if you are sitting on a few BAT that you need to offload then grab a d20 (I counted them) and check out the full list here:


Transfer to your Uphold....wait what?!?:


Then I see the shining ray of hope in the darkness, something that the community has been clamoring for. It sounds like just on the horizon there is an update made to the mobile wallets allowing users to finally transfer their funds directly from the mobile browser to their Uphold account. Now say what you want about Uphold at the very least this shows that there are developments going on in the background to continue to give the users what they want. Lets face it more folks will likely be using Brave on their phones than desktop (just because of the sheer number of phones out there) so this can only be a good thing. Plus, who know what may be next I think the community would really like to see different wallet options, I do wonder if Trust Wallet will come into play soon since it is the Binance wallet of choice and Binance/Brave recently went for a tumble together under the sheets with implementation of widget into the homepage for crypto purchases. But hat could just be speculation on their pillow talk. Perhaps Binance isn't a tender lover and just wanted to shower and head home after, guess we'll see.


Recent Fixes:

Before closing out this one I thought I'd also add a bit of info on the recent fixes. I know a lot of users were angry their free money payouts (that they were getting for using an app for free, that gives them better privacy and faster safer web browsing) were trapped in the phones this month with a bug. I got this to be honest I saw it wasn't working first time, went to the Reddit saw other people had the problem and then said to myself "Okay, they know about it and they will will fix it. Had best just be patient". Anyway, I'd been waiting for a while on my update to come through and I finally saw on the community site it was there, problem is I hadn't got the auto-update prompt to get it fixed. So if you're in the same boat as me here is the info.


So that is is, I look forward to the future developments in the BAT space and til then will just continue to enjoy the free core features (safety/speed/privacy), with the added bonus of a few BAT a month. All for using the internet as I was going to anyway.


Hope you enjoyed the update, good luck y'all!

If you enjoyed it enough to donate some BAT then feel free to do it via my website: https://mynima.github.io/ (or see the charity link further up in the article).


Hobby miner and Crypto interested programmer. https://mynima.github.io/

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