Publish0x Payment Updates - Staying in the Loop(ring)

Publish0x Payment Updates - Staying in the Loop(ring)

By Mynima | Hobbyist Updates | 14 Apr 2020

Just a very quick article today for those that perhaps missed this. A few months ago users would have noticed that the it appeared the Hydro payouts were being phased out. Since then if you had any remaining Hydro in your account it they were converted directly to DAI, which was a nice little bonus surprise that I had one day, since I'd been sitting on the Hydro with no real idea of what I was going to do about them.

Today, the eagle eyed of you will have noticed Publish0x appears to have added Loopring to our possible earnings (see below).


This is a fantastic addition and Loopring (LRC) seems to have been coming on leaps and bounds this last year. Particularly with the successful deployment of their 3.0 protocol. So before it all kicks off, now is a good time to do your homework and keep an eye out for the full roll out of this initiative by the Publish0x team.


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I've also started to follow: for regular updates.


Hope you enjoyed the update, good luck y'all!

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Hobbyist Updates

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