Publish0x - 1 Year on (What a difference a year makes...)

Publish0x - 1 Year on (What a difference a year makes...)

By Mynima | Hobbyist Updates | 27 Jan 2021


As of 18Jan2021 I've officially been posting articles on Publish0x for a whole year! I'd been following what was happening on the platform since before then but really just as a reader, rather than content creator. In the article I want to take a look back at the year and show you some of the number that indicate my progress. All of the stats were up to Jan 18th (I excluded though the most recent articles as I'd starting capturing these numbers before then).

How did I get started? Well the thing is as with a lot of articles/ideas it was from a passing comment. Someone mentioned to me they wish they knew how to do a bit of GPU mining and, have done a bit myself, I though that would be a good place to start creating articles. I knew after the initial feedback that this platform and the people on it were going to be quite supportive so I just got my head down and started writing more.

The main goals/benchmarks I set myself when starting were:

  • Try to post at least once per week
  • Try to make the content useful and unique (where possible)
  • Enjoy learning during the process
  • Support other authors and readers

Before we dig into the breakdown stats and how I think it went overall let's look at some topline numbers.


That is right after a solid year of posting I've been lucky enough to be supported by 2130+ followers, have written 88 different articles (smashing my 1 article a week target) and earned (as of token prices last week) around $1631.01 in tips and prize rewards!!! This isn't the last time I'll say this, but thank you to Publish0x and and all of the readers for making this happen!!!


Summary Statistics

Not often I talk about my day job on this platform but I will say that it involves summarizing data and statistics, so it would be rude of me not to lean on that here (just a little) to share a bit of a breakdown I did on my articles.


Articles (all):


As you can see from the information above over the 88 articles I've been fortunate to achieve a median view rate of a little over 3500 with around 100 likes per post. As with all good things there is a little negative feedback (albeit strangely only from the anonymous shadows of the dislike button) I tend to get a pretty consistent 2 dislikes per article. Kinda makes me wonder why, if it is the same person(s), they keep reading my content, but I'll flip it around and just take it as it is. In a room of 100 people if only 2 people hate what I do then that is a good hit rate I think. In terms of earnings per article we're looking close to $7.25 per article though if I am honest I believe that comes as well in part from earning tokens while markets are down and the hodl effect since then. Normally, if an article hits $3+ I'm very happy that it has done well.

Those of you not just interested in medians will see some pretty wide ranges there and, yes you're not misreading that for one article I have 28000+ views, and another (not the same article) >$600 earning. The latter was actually my first and only competition win and we all know how well LRC has been doing recently! But because of that you can see the competitions have the possibility of skewing the numbers somewhat so I've actually gone and broken it down without them below.


Articles (excluding competitions):


As you can see by comparison to the first summary statistics the median earning has come down a little to around $6.90 per article still a great number and the views actually went up a little. I don't know if other authors have noticed this but non-competition articles actually tend to do better for views and support, perhaps this relates to the saturated content feeds when a competition is running and reader fatigue. Broadly speaking though the numbers are consistent which is encouraging to see. 


Best of / Worst of:

If you're like me and you are interested in seeing where the max/min values come into it and want to see if there are any consistent themes this is the place to look. A breakdown of the Best and Worst (or most/least) scored for each category.


I'll not go through them all but I will pick a couple that stood out. So to start of that +28K viewed article was a how-to cancel ETH transactions. I wonder if this has been picked up in search results which is why so many people have viewed it? Either way I hope it helped people out of a tricky transaction-limbo spot.

The most disliked article I've ever written is.....? A summary piece I wrote about my favorite authors on Publish0x.....erm....what? This I don't quite understand, did people not like that I liked other authors, or perhaps their view of my top 8 authors was too short, they wanted a top 10 (clue is in the name I picked 8 so I would use the Hateful8 poster, haha)? Whatever it was that is my most disliked article. If you want to check it out and add your own dislike please do.....let's skew them results together (link).


Final Thoughts

So over the course of the year I've definitely learned a lot, both from my fellow authors and also from the process of writing regularly. Some of the main highlights for me though have been these:

  • Getting to know an awesome group of people in a massively positive crypto echo chamber.....ain't no bears in this house!
  • Making my own website for the blogs (courtesy of Tomoyan's great how-to on using GitHub Pages) -
  • Winning one and placing well in all the competitions I've entered....except BitYard.....we don't talk about that one....never happened
  • The Banano community....all of you, everything you do, and the fun you bring to the crypto-world
  • Helping out newer folks and learning from those that are more experienced!

I'll not keep you attention too much longer. However, what I would like to say is a massive thanks to the Publish0x team for helping to build a supportive and enjoyable platform and for keeping us challenged and engaged. Also to the community, it has been great this last year getting to know you all in this digital space and thank you for your support during the writing process. 


Here's to a good 2021 and beyond. Good Luck y'all!




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