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By Mynima | Hobbyist Updates | 1 Oct 2020


Morning all, just a quick public service announcement update today. I logged into my Coinbase account this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see a new short 3 video/quiz series for from the Coinbase Earn team. This time the team have provided $6 of MKR to those successfully completing the quiz.



To qualify for these videos you need to make sure that you've got your account to the highest verification level (KYC) and live in one of the eligible regions. You can find more details on the Coinbase Earn help page, regarding the eligibility criteria, here:

In addition to the new MKR vidoes they also have a few other still available, so if you haven't signed up before it can be well worth it just for the free crypto. I recommend getting in early on MKR as the waiting list fill up pretty fast for these. 






Once you're done with the XLM/EOS videos there is an added bonus to share a referral link with others and earn up to an additional $40 of crypto. As you can see these items can be quite profitable, indeed the bulk of my Stellar holdings started off life like this. If you haven't signed up and are going to then head over to the Coinbase Earn Reddit page and use someone's referral links. It will make their day and there is really no reason no to, as there is no downside for you. Then once you're done with the videos you can go ahead and share your own links on Reddit....and this the circle of life (erm...airdrops) continues.



Thanks for reading all, hope you all have a good day. 

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Hobbyist Updates
Hobbyist Updates

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