Graph (GRT) added to Coinbase Earn

Graph (GRT) added to Coinbase Earn

By Mynima | Hobbyist Updates | 18 Dec 2020


Just another friendly public service announcement. It feels like nearly every other day there is a new earn & learn on Coinbase. Today is no exception, it looks like they have added a new one (that is new to me) Graph (GRT).




To qualify for these videos you need to make sure that you've got your account to the highest verification level (KYC) and live in one of the eligible regions. You can find more details on the Coinbase Earn help page, regarding the eligibility criteria, here:

Head over to the Coinbase site, log in and go to the earn sections to find the videos. There are 3 videos, well not really videos now more like move images with text (1mins each), with questions each giving $1 of GRT (they have cut the price a little!).




As well as GRT there was recently FIL videos earlier this week and before that BAND, ZEC, ALGO, COMP and MKR. For more information check out my previous articles here:

Remember not to forget the old BAND/XLM/OXT/COMP referral bonuses. It allows you to earn up to an additional $40 of crypto for each token, respectively (though I believe that OXT is still waiting for more funds). So if you have any links please feel free to share them in the comments sections.

If you haven't signed up and are going to then head over to the Coinbase Earn Reddit page and use someone's referral links. It will make their day and there is really no reason not to, as there is no downside for you. Then once you're done with the videos you can go ahead and share your own links on Reddit. Also please feel free to share your links on this post for others on the platform to make sure of them.

Please feel free to use any of the links below if you're just starting out:




Thanks for reading, hope you all get your free coins, have a good day y'all.



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Hobbyist Updates
Hobbyist Updates

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