Ampleforth Geyser | Beehive is Live!

Ampleforth Geyser | Beehive is Live!

By Mynima | Hobbyist Updates | 11 Jul 2020

As with most folks recently I've been keeping tabs on the DeFi world and have been particularly interested in recent developments with the Ampleforth Geyser, which incentivizes people to provide liquidity on Uniswap for the AMPL/ETH pairing. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who had a punt at this idea to see how it goes. For me it was just an initial 0.3 ETH / 30 something AMPL. Figured it was sitting in my wallet so what is the harm? Worst comes to the worst I'm back where I started at the end of it all.

I've checked it on and off, but figure this is one of those projects where you just sit and let it do its thing. Well, that was the case until today.


I went across to the Geyser site to see how things were going and I spotted this funny extra tab. Then after looking at the message at the top of the page (above) I saw some good news. It looks like the trial run is over (annoying as I paid fees and had the first round going for only about a week). However, now it looks like we can move over to the Beehive version and start the cycle again.


So I plugged in my deposit and I see the current numbers (before it settles down a bit)........WOW! I know that is massively unlikely to be what I get, but just look at that beautiful 341029.84% I don't doubt in a day or so it will be back down to reasonable level (it was ~50% or so on the pilot when I cashed out, something like 2.25 AMPL a month).

Anyway, if you haven't made the switch then perhaps now it the time. 



Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the update, good luck y'all!


Note this isn't financial advice, just a public service broadcast!

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Hobbyist Updates

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