Tezos Foundation’s Faucet - XTZ (How-To Claim)

Tezos Foundation’s Faucet - XTZ (How-To Claim)

By Mynima | Hobbyist Mining | 6 Mar 2020

I recently wrote a post on how to stake Tezos (XTZ) with TrustWallet here: Staking - XTZ (Beginners' How-To Guide). While writing that article I and looking around for an appropriate cover image I found a nifty little faucet site run by the Tezos Foundation.


As the name suggests a faucet is a site (or app) that drips small amounts of a given crypro to its users, usually this comes along with a bunch of advertising, or games with embedded ads, as a way to pay for handing out free cash monies. I said usually because this site is a little different, there are no adverts here, it has been set up by the foundation to look to encourage developers and users to request a small amount for everyday usage on the main network.

Before we jump into a few pictures how to use it we'll look at a brief summary of the the key details and terms.



  • How much: 0.01 XTZ (according to the term up to a total of 1 XTZ) 
  • How often: Every week
  • Requirements:
    • A valid phone number (able to receive text messages)
    • A valid tz1 address



  • Navigate to the main page https://faucet.tezos.com/
  • 1 - Enter your Tezos address
  • 2 - Enter your phone number including the country code in '+X' / '+XX' format
  • 3 - Hit 'Sent Tez'


  • From there you should be taken to the next screen and will receive a verification code to your phone
  • 1 - Add the code
  • 2 - Click "Send Tez"


  • All being well you'll see the following page appear, this can take a few 5-10 mins depending on your place in the queue and in that time the circle to left will spin throughout


  • In case the queue was already full when you entered your TZ1 address and your phone number just refresh the page and start again from the top, it should only take a couple of tries at the queue is only a maximum of 10


  • Finally, once the verification has gone through and the transfer has been added to the blockchain you'll see the following page. You can go ahead and close this page now and check on your wallet.


  • 1 - In the wallet you should see the funds appear after a bit of time
  • 2 - Given that I've my funds all staked the faucet payout automatically got staked when it arrived (which means I'm now earning interest, let the compounding begin)


  • Last of all a word of warning, if you push your luck and try to get another payout within 48 hours you'll see this screen. So be patient, it is free, don't ruin it for everyone by trying to game the system. Otherwise we could see the tap get turned off completely.



Final words

  • Are you going to get rich by doing this? nope
  • Why bother? if for nothing else it gives you some funds to play around with staking etc. so you can understand how it all works without risking your own money (much like the free funds from coinbase).

If you haven't already followed the staking article linked at the top and want to have a go please by all means go for it. If you've not got a TrustWallet yet either than I'd be more than happy for you to use my referral, you get 100 trust wallet tokens (TWT) if you do. "TWT you say? What are they good for?", right now not a lot by the looks of it. Though perhaps useful for discounts when buying crypto through the app, which is not a a bad thing.

Anyway, here is my referral: https://share.trustwallet.com/1K18DM. You're welcome to it but don't feel obliged to use it. Remember this code is for the phone app, so if you load it on your desktop it will just take you to a page where you enter your phone number to get a text about the app.


Hope you enjoyed the guide, good luck y'all!



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Hobbyist Mining

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