Phone 'Mining' - ETN (Beginners' How-To Guide)

Phone 'Mining' - ETN (Beginners' How-To Guide)

By Mynima | Hobbyist Mining | 20 Feb 2020


This guide is no-longer relevant as it is not possible to mine ETN any longer via the phone APP.



For this blog post I'm just going to a short but sweet everyday mining item that is something anyone with a smart phone can get involved in. We'll look at how to set up and 'mine' (Electroneum) ETN using your phone. I've put mine in inverted commas because strictly speaking this isn't mining at all. Instead is more a simulated mining app, attached to a pseudo-airdrop. Predominantly it appears to be a tool by which the Electroneum can reach out to everyday folks and offer them baby steps into the crypto world with little to no risk on the user side. But additionally, not a massive of reward either.

If you're really interested in serious mining this may not be for you (please check out one of my other guides), but if you're a complete beginner and want to earn a few free ETN for very little work it isn't a terrible idea.



While some folks may turn their noses up at ETN phone mining here are 3 good reasons I think crypto-keen folks should get involved:

1) It leverages something most people have access to and requires minimal technical expertise

2) It helps to normalize cryptocurrency and in doing so takes another step toward mainstream adoption

3) It offers crypto-savvy individuals an opportunity to teach friends and family a bit about crypto and simulate the mining process


These three items for me make is worth the 10-15 min set up time and then maintenance time 30 sec (if that) once every 7 days. Also it uses negligible data and battery. You wont even notice it because the mining isn't taking place on the phone. 


The setup process kicks off with 25 ETN in total once all the steps are complete, not a terrible start. So let’s look at the basic setup process as well as how to go about 'mining' some ETN.


Go to your phones app store (Android/Apple) and download the Electroneum app then:

  • 1 - Once it has installed open the app and click on 'Sign Up'


  • 2 - Fill out the basic info to create an account


Note: You'll be prompted to take a couple of simple photos of yourself doing a specific pose to prove you are not a robot

  • 3 - You'll also be prompted to create a pin code, this will be a 5 digit code you will use each time you log into the app


  • 4 - This is what the main page looks like. Just click on the button (currently labelled 'extend') and that is it. Congratulations you're mining (kinda) ETN!


  • 5 - Once clicked you'll see the time max out like this and if you want each day you can extend it back to 7 days. Note however, to save time for yourself just set a reminder and do it once a week (that is all that is needed)
  • 6 - At the bottom of the page you'll see a few other features that you can navigate to, lets look what these have in a bit more detail


  • 7 - Firstly we have the general wallet, this is where you can send and receive ETN. It will also display your transaction history. If you plan on saving up then transferring to an exchange here is where you can do it (they list exchanges in the 'more' section).


  • 8 - Next we have a neat feature, this is the ability (in the listed countries) to spend your ETN directly in the app to top up your phone. If you live in one of these countries this should be reason enough to sign up to the App. Because, we all need more data!!!


As well as a few other features/settings when you click on 'more' the main one is you can look how to generate more ETN.

  • 9 - Firstly, a newly introduced feature is AnyTask. This is an interesting concept, it is a Freelance work/payment platform. So you can share your skills and be paid in ETN for completing work. Like contracting but facilitated through ETN payment rather than banks (which if you don't have easy access to banking is an excellent step forward).
  • 10 - Finally, there is also a referral program so you can earn a little more when you invite friends and family to use ETN.


  • 11 - On the referral screen you will see your code to be shared at the top.
  • 12 - Further down you'll be able to enter the referral code for someone else. If you've found this article even remotely useful and plan on signing up I'd be very happy for you to use my referral code (7445F9). Just as I did when someone recommended ETN to me in a blog comment on Publish0x.  



Hope you enjoyed the guide, good luck y'all!

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Hobbyist Mining
Hobbyist Mining

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