Brave Verified GitHub Pages - (How-To Set-up Guide)
Brave Verified GitHub Pages - (How-To Set-up Guide)

By Mynima | Hobbyist Mining | 5 Apr 2020

For this guide I'd like to start off by adding a massive thank you to Tomoyan, who provided some very useful articles on using the ambassador functionality from the Publish0x website to drive the creation of your own site. If you've not read the articles yet I wholeheartedly recommend reading/tipping the following:

These recent endeavors couldn't have come at a better time. With around 16 Crypto Mining and Raspberry Pi projects under my belt on Publish0x, I've been looking for ideas of how best to present this information in a single location. The main goal of this is to act as a central resource for other people to go to when they want to dabble with Mining, Staking, running Nodes and other Crypto projects. 

So on Tomoyan's recommendation I used as a starting point and created my own site. There are still a few tweaks that I'll likely make over the coming weeks but for now I think it isn't a terrible first attempt:

So with the site up and running the next thing I turned my attention to is integrating it with my Brave creator status. For those who are not already aware, Brave verified sites allow the owner to be tipped BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) as a way of encouragement and support from viewers for providing useful/enjoyable or just tip-worthy content. The following steps below will go over how you can take your own GitHub Pages site and set it up so that you can receive tips and possibly take part in future advertising campaigns to generate a little extra income for all your hard work.

1. Setting up Brave (prerequisite)

First of all if you've not got the Brave browsers installed already then that is where you'll need to start. It is relative straight forward to set up, in fact just the other day there was an excellent guide on how to do this. If you plan on getting the browser then I've be very happy is you used my referral link (well see later how you can generate your own link to provide to others), in the meantime here is mine: 

2. Setting up Uphold (prerequisite)

Once your browser is all set up the next thing you will need to go through the Uphold set-up and link it to your Brave account, the best way to do this is to click on on the BAT symbol in your browser and then click to connect a wallet you'll see the image below, where you can then click "Verify Wallet" to go to Uphold set-up process.

Uphold is currently the only solution available to be able to withdraw funds from your Brave wallet. It will involve some KYC (know your customer) verification. A lot of folks are not a fan of Uphold and while I guess I dislike the lack of choice, I'll admit I've never had any issue with using Uphold. 


3. Becoming a Creator (prerequisite)

This is the last prerequisite step before you can link your new GitHub website to Brave and become verified. Just sign up at and link your existing brave/uphold wallet to the account. We're now ready to get started.

4. Linking your site

From the main dashboard of the Brave creator site (once logged in), you'll see something like the image below. The next few steps are how we'll go about linking our website to the Brave account.

  • 1 - If you've not linked your Uphold then you can do it here, you should see 'Connected' in green as below
  • 2 - Now let's click on 'Add Channel'


  • 3 - Click on 'Website' (incidentally, this is also where you go to link your other social media platforms etc)


  • 4 - Details of the site
    • a) Add your GitHub pages site address
    • b) Click to continue


  • 5 - Select the "Download a trusted file" option


  • 6 - On the next page click download and save the file somewhere you can find it.


  • 7 - Now a couple of GitHub steps:
    • a) If you've created the site on your desktop then create a sub-folder called .well-known, drop the new file in the folder and and push it to GitHub. Alternatively, go to the site and add it manually


    • b) Now while on the GitHub site, or in your desktop version we need to update our "_config.yml" file by adding the following code and commit the update /push it to GitHub
#Include Brave
include: .well-known
  • 8 - Finally going back to the Brave creator setup page and click on verify. If all went well it should recognize your site as having the verification file. Note, that when you push something to GitHub it can take a few mins so give it time and try again if you're sure you did all the steps correctly.


5. Checking it was successful

You'll receive a confirmation email to say the set up was complete in 24-48 hours and should see the following information on your main dashboard:

  • 1 - Your channel should say that it was added and the toggle slider lets you opt into Brave advertising on your site (Beta version)
  • 2 - Your referral links will be available for each of your connected channels
  • 3 - Any other channels should be displayed below


Congratulations you've become a Verified Content Creator for your GitHub Pages Website!

6. Receiving/Sending tips

Just so that you know all is working well, if you've used Brave on your phone (where it is currently not possible to link your uphold account) you can actually navigate to your site and tip yourself to test it. The process is as simple as 1-2-3:

  • 1 - Go to the site and if it has a blue tick then they are a verified creator
  • 2 - Click on the BAT symbol and select 'Send a Tip'
  • 3 - Select the tip amount and click 'Send My Tip'


Remember, there are absolutely loads of sites out there for tipping so, if you are a fan of a site and they are verified then go for it. This is one of the best ways to build the ecosystem from the the user side.


If you are looking for inspiration where your tips can be put to good use, I recommend the following:


Hope you enjoyed the guide, good luck y'all!


Hobby miner and Crypto interested programmer.

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Hobbyist Mining

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