Trust Wallet: A Whistle Stop Tour

Trust Wallet: A Whistle Stop Tour

By Mynima | Hobbyist Crypto | 14 Jul 2020


I'll preface this by saying that I'm aware Trust Wallet isn't new, a lot of folks may have heard about this multi-coin wallet in the past. However, there will be those of you out there that haven't see the inner workings of this wallet and (if you're looking for an alternative to Atomic Wallet) it is always good to have options, this one is for you. I'll do my best to make this a quick and easy trip around all the current app functionality and try to keep the word count down where I can.


Available on all mobile devices that can run apps Trust Wallet sells itself as an all-in-one solution for crypto users that is both intuitive and secure. 



Main Screen


The home screen (shield symbol on the bottom bar):

  • 1) Toggle between Wallet Balance view (tokens), Finance view (Staking) and Collectibles (NFTs)
  • 2) Quickly Send/Receive/Buy funds
  • 3) Breakdown of the wallet portfolio
  • 4) When you click on an assets it take you to a specific screen where you can send/receive funds directly (also if there are stakable tokens you'll fund a button with 'more' options here)


Trade Screen


The trading screen (double arrow symbol on the bottom bar):

  • 1) Quick token swap functionality
  • 2) More detailed built in DEX (you can trade your ERC20 tokens to ETH, as well as BEP2 tokens to BNB, and vice versa)

How to Trade:

Settings Screen


The setting screen (cog symbol on the bottom bar):

  • 1) Basic wallet name/information
  • 2) The referral program link (below)
  • 3) Security (i.e. privacy, unlock and transaction signing features) and general app preferences/notifications
  • 4) Good old Wallet Connect (to link to your favourite dApps)
  • 5) Social/Information
  • 6) When you click through to the wallet you can click a little 'i' symbol to edit your wallet name, get the public keys and recovery phrase. You can also add additional wallets at the click of a button (+).


Referral Program


Currently Trust Wallet offers 100 TWT (Trust Wallet Tokens, BEP2) to both the inverter and invitee for their referral program. While officially they don't have them listed on exchanges (so until recently they appeared with a value of $0 in the app). However, there are some exchanges where the tokens are trading (, MXC and Hotbit being the top.....maybe best to wait though for bigger exchanges).

More info on the TWT:

My referral link, should you want it: 


If you're a developer and are keen to get involved in a solid wallet project (or have ideas for additional functionality) then look no further. 



Final Thoughts

I originally used the app as a 'my first Tezos staking' wallet. I don't count myself an expert and back then I was even more green that now so I can definitely say it was easy to use. Had no problems sending/receiving funds, I also found it a solid wallet for mining to as it has the swap/exchange functionality right there so you don't need to mess around paying transaction/withdrawal fees all over the place. Definitely lived up to the sales pitch.

Unfortunately, since those early days, Atomic Wallet caught my eye so that has very much taken over the role of my multi-coin wallet. With these things though it doesn't really cause any trouble keeping both and it also means there is a standby wallet should something go awry in Atomic town. For beginners I'd very much suggest looking into the Trust Wallet, functionality has never been buggy (in my experience) and it really is damn easy to use which can be a great selling point to folks looking to dip their toes into the murky crypto waters.


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the article, good luck y'all!


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Hobbyist Crypto

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