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By Mynima | Hobbyist Crypto | 18 Aug 2020


WHEN I mention BananoJobs most people's first thoughts would be the official airdrop jobs that have been posted over recent weeks. Predominantly the focus of these has been to showcase the jobs feature, identify candidates for free/fair distribution and also to help build the Banano community. However, the main Banano team are not the only ones sharing job ideas and offering up potassium filled payment. Indeed, back in Jan-2019! the very first Banano Job was posted up on the main BananoJob board on Reddit:

Since then there have been a multitude of job postings and referral bounties that has been quite a fun little side project to watch develop. Despite the majority of the tasks being relatively small. The use case idea underpinning this concept is actually quite sound. It is very much a fee-for-service system and odd-job system that actively promotes using cryptocurrency as a medium transactions, which stays very true to original intent of cryptocurrency.

I took part in this program just over a month ago so I though it would be useful to others thinking of doing the same thing to share my experience and a few tips I picked up along the way. 


How it Works?


Bananojobs is a platform you can use to either do a job or pay others to do a job. A BananoJob can be anything such as a microtask, a bounty or a simple favor.

Rules (the basic version):

  • Submissions are reviewed by moderators
  • Banano must be offer as a payment (min. 19 BAN per successful applicant)
  • No NSFW stuff or breaking of terms of service
  • Posting in English
  • No buying/selling items/goods (goto the Banano Market for that)
  • No spam accounts (account age<60 days, or Karma<19, or if YOU're clearly a spammer)
  • High payout jobs may require deposits
  • Payments should be documented (tipbot or
  • Banano team will not be held responsible for folks not following the rules,  but you may be banned.

As you can SEE, these rules basically indicate that you shouldn't take the proverbial. There is flexibility in there and indeed, the full information also gives a couple of example postings.

One additional highlight for folks is this:

Referral links are allowed as long as you pay people to sign up.

That means if you've got a sweet referral link that you're sad no-one is using you can go ahead and give your referral that extra incentive boost to set it apart from the others.


My Job Posting

So with THIS excellent platform, a few BAN in my pocket and having recently joined the PreSearch movement I though what the hell...let's write a post and see how it goes. 


250 BAN and 25 PRE token - PreSearch Referral Drive


Hi All, got a wee cheeky referral drive, sign up and use PREsearch with my referral and get a matching bonus in PRE plus some tasty BAN.

PREsearch is effectively like BRAVE for search engines, you earn as you search. Sign up gets you 25 free PRE tokens and you can earn up to 8 a day on searches. Personally it is my default search engine now, with the BRAVE browser as it gives another earning avenue.


Requirements:- Sign up via the link- Let me know via PM the first/last letters of your email used in this format only so I can locate you on the referrals "". I'll confirm I see it and add you to a tracking sheet- Pop your BAN address in chat in the messages- Use PRE search for at least 30 days (and earn 50 PRE) after sign-up. After the 30 days you'll get your 250 BAN and I'll confirm in the chat with the transaction confirmation



My Experience

If I am honest I wasn't sure if anyone would take me up on the job offer. Mostly it was a shot in the dark. However, after receiving the first hit and recruiting my first Banployee, I realised that this was a fun exercise in putting crypto to work. Naturally, everyone who signed up followed the rules nicely (though none opted for a PM of the partial email, I offered that because I realized asking for emails on an open forum is a bit dodgy). 

As I got sign-ups I wanted to reward the FIRST wave, so even though it wasn't noted in the job I actually gave out half the funds for the sign-up as a gesture of good faith and then indicated (using the blockchain explorer) proof of the transactions. Upon completion the job poster would get the remaining funds and my gratitude.

In total I had 6 applicants for the job. Of those 6 here is the breakdown:

  • 3 Completed the task no problems
  • 1 Is still working on the 50 PRE portion of the task
  • 2 have gone rogue

Fortunately, as PRESearch referrals give you a date of sign-ups I was actually able to add and additional chase COMMENT for the three that are still outstanding:

Hi, Just a heads up that you're 30 days in now but are not actively using the browser nor have earned 50 PRE (including the 25 bonus you initially got). Once you've complete the criteria I will transfer the remaining BAN.

Once I reached 6 users I also added a note to other perspective Banployees closing the job posting until further notice. I mostly did this because I wanted a small test size and 6 seems reasonable. Additionally, with the bonus half payment I was a little worried that (as there is a minimum 30 day turn around on this job) folks would take the mick a bit and sign up for the FREE BAN.

Update: This posting is now closed to new applicants until previous applicants have passed the 30 day window and have earned at least 50 PRE). Thank you for your interest, hopefully will start back up again soon.

I have every intention of kicking this back into gear again over the coming weeks so if you're interested in taking part let me know. 


Take Home Tips

Other than taking part what did I learn from this FIRST experience?

  • 1) I recommend putting together a short spreadsheet for yourself to track sign-ups and payments
  • 2) Consider pre-writing a chase post (particularly for jobs that take time to complete)
  • 3) If you don't want to incentivize the initial sign-up, as I did, consider creating a 'payments account'. What you can do is transfer across to that account the funds that you are planning on paying to the Benployee and showing them that you've set the funds aside via the block explorer
  • 4) Include in your post:
    • Clear requirement
    • How you plan to track the progress
    • Payment amount and any bonus'
    • Duration/places (if job posting is limited)
    • Benefit (outside of the BAN) if there are any
  • 5) Consider how you will track the applicants
  • 6) Be fair with the BAN, if it is a tough job or has few added benefits make sure to price it accordingly.


Final Thoughts

Look!!!!!! Poorly hidden


Actually there are two......Just say what you see!


Thanks for reading, good luck y'all!!



Donations in BAN are always welcome:


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