Guarda Wallet: A Whistle Stop Tour

Guarda Wallet: A Whistle Stop Tour

By Mynima | Hobbyist Crypto | 14 Nov 2020


Welcome back to another virtual tour through another cryptocurrency wallet solution that is on the market. If you are interested in checking out the previous article you can find them here:

This time we're going to take a dive into the Guarda wallet. This one has been on my radar for some time now but I've not had a chance to take a look at it. Needless to say colour me impressed, it is definitely a tidy app with functionality for days. Though don't take my word for it, take a look for yourself.



So Guarda Wallet is a non-custodial multi-coin wallet, that is to say they cater to not just the ETH network (as with MetaMask currently). Instead their competitors on the market are wallets like Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet and, to a lesser extent, Coinbase Wallet (as well as many more).


Guarda started life as a single currency wallet back in 2017 and has since then expanding in stages through to the current iteration we have available. It boasts privacy and added security with multi-signature transactions to help protect your funds. 


So without going more into the history, as the goal of this article is to be brief, let's take a look at what we get from the wallet. 


Setup Screen

This was a completely new wallet to me so I thought I'd quickly show you the setup process.


  • 1.) The start page offers two options, new wallet or restore (in case you already have a wallet)
  • 2.) After clicking next you are prompted for a password
  • 3.) Straight after adding the password you're prompted to backup. I chose cancel first time and it went back to the beginning so be sure to download and save the file somewhere secure.


Main Screen

Once the app is up and running this is the main interface you'll see that gives us access to the different functionality of the wallet.


  • 1.) Top of the screen show the overall balance (in the currency of your choice)
  • 2.) Further down you see a breakdown of each Coin and the relevant Tokens available on that chain 
  • 3.) The three lines next to the search bar open up additional options
    • 3a.) This allows filtering/hiding balances
  • 4.) Clicking on a currency will first take us to the 'Info' tab where we see the public address as well as actions for copying/linking and QR codes
  • 5.) Additionally, there is the option to move to the exchange or send funds.



  • 6.) The 'History' tab will show all relevant transaction history for that coin
  • 7.) There is also a cool 'Analytics' tab
    • 7a.) This shows us the current price action chart from 1 day up to all-time.
    • 7b.) As well as the chart there is also some nice information about the market data and summary for the coin basics. 


History/Exchange/Buy Screens

Going back to the main (wallet) screen there are a series of options controlled by the icons at the bottom of the page.


  • 1.) 'History' will show all your wallets history (unlike the coin specific history in the previous section)
  • 2.) Next is the 'Exchange' button
    • 2a.) This is a built in exchange that taps into non-custodial trading options (e.g. ChangeNow) to allow you to exchange from within the app
  • 3.) Then there is the 'Buy' button
    • 3a.) This option allows us to busy with Visa/MasterCard cryptocurrency directly, though take note of the min order and the fee (7%!!!)


Settings Screen

Next up we have the setting section of the app, where there is definitely a lot going on.


  • 1.) The final button option is 'Settings'
  • 2.) At the top we see the version of the wallet that we're running
  • 3.) Next up is the Backup functionality as well as the Import. If you're looking to use this wallet with your existing BTC or ETH, or addresses then you can import them here and not have to move your funds for no reason.
  • 4.) Next there is a subsection of the main settings with; Security center, wallets management , display currency and then a nice touch...every developers favorite Night mode! 
    • 4a.) In the Security center we have the usual stuff; password info, app security settings and the ability to add Face ID access.
    • 4b.) Going through to the Wallets management section we see the ability to add new wallets (in case you want another address), restore wallets or access your private keys for each address  



  • 5.) Scrolling down a bit further in the settings menu we have a few other options; Help Center, Community (links to Facebook/Twitter etc.) and General information. 
    • 5a.) The help center, as you can imagine includes ways to access support services and information
    • 5b.) Whereas general information includes policies and general info about Guarda
  • 6.) Finally there is the 'Backup and Log Out' button for closing out of the wallet manually.


AML Screen

Those of you with eagle eyes would have spotted three dots at the top of the main page and maybe wondered what it was. Don't worry, I spotted it too and left it til last as this is quite unique for wallets I think.


  • 1.) From the main page you can perform AML (or Anti-Money Laundering) checks
  • 2.) Going through to the next page you can see we get 5 free per month and can target them on specific coin addresses
  • 3.) Alternatively, we can check our own wallet addresses


Final Thoughts

All in all I really like this wallet, it is clean, intuitive and very smooth. In terms of an entry level wallet I think it could well have too much functionality for beginners, I'd be tempted to point folks to Trust Wallet for something with less going on. That said if you like functionality and want to be able to use a single solid wallet for all your crypto, then this is definitely a contender. There are two standout features as well that I like a lot. Firstly, the fact that it puts tokens under their respective coins (e.g. KAVA as a Token of BNB, or BAT as a token of ETH), I know this is a little thing but it ticks an OCD box in my brain, haha. Secondly, the AML functionality is a nice to have. I don't think I've seen this anywhere before and it is kinda nice to be able to run checks yourself rather than companies running them on you when you sign up. There will be a lot of coins/addresses out there with shady pasts, it is nice to be able to check this for yourself. 

Solid wallet, and really enjoyable to review!


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the article, good luck y'all!





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Hobbyist Crypto

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