Exchanging Crypto: Weighing up the Options (with Swapzone)

Exchanging Crypto: Weighing up the Options (with Swapzone)

By Mynima | Hobbyist Crypto | 16 Nov 2020


It has felt recently like I've blogged a few times about the importance of options. The thing is, out there in the crypto-space, we have them in spades, especially when it comes to buying and selling our crypto. There must be dozens of well known exchanges and a whole horde of decentralized options now. In a way it is no different from any other well known financial products like say, car insurance, for an example. There are plenty of folks out there who offer car insurance, but how do you know if the product works for you? Well, we tend to focus on a couple of main things when making our decision:

  • Price - Can we afford it?
  • Suitability - Does it meet our needs?
  • Reputation/Rating - Is the product/company highly rated by other customers or an independent party? 

The problem in the past was knowing how to make a good comparisons. Each individual provider (unless through a broker) only tells you about their products. It was as a result of this kind of crowed market we began to see the emergence of price comparison sites, the goals of which are simple:

To find you the best deals available in the market and allow you to make an informed decision.

This is exactly what the folks over at Swapzone are aiming to do. In this article we'll take a look at their product and how it can make our-lives easier.


Core Benefits

Swapzone, as alluded to in the introduction, is a platform built to help with exchanging cryptocurrencies. However, very importantly, it is not itself a singular product or just another swapping solution. Instead, the team behind the platform have focused on pulling together information, in real time, from a wide range of crypto exchange solutions (including; Changelly, ChangeNow, SimpleSwap, CoinSwitch and more). Think of it like a curation/price comparison site with the following benefits:

  • No registration is required
  • Non-Custodial exchange
  • Easy to compare options
  • A robust rating system

So let's look at how it works, there are a few moving part so we'll look at them in turn.

No Registration: Swapzone uses exchange providers that do not require you to sign up to use the service, nor do they require individuals to sign-up. This means no KYC and no handing over of personal information.


Non-Custodial: Swapzone does not handle any of the transactions, it is all non-custodial between you and the provider and through the blockchain.


Easy Comparison: Swapzone provides results in a simple consolidated format, in real-time, that shows all the relevant information for your exchange, including; Rate types (fixed/floating), estimated trade execution time and final amount estimates. 


Ratings: Swapzone takes both a Trustpilot rating for the exchanges (a well known and respected independent customer review platform) and combines this with their own customer rating to give us a product rating (out of 5 stars). This makes it really easy to see how the exchanges compare against one another.



How it Works

how it works

So the whole process couldn't be more simple, or easy to use, but let's break it down anyway into 4 easy steps:

  • 1.) Select coins/tokens and amounts to exchange
  • 2.) Choose from the list of available rates
  • 3.) Enter destination address of funds
  • 4.) Transfer funds to provided exchange address

That is it 4 steps and around 2-5 mins of work (less if you have your addresses to hand).

For those that blinked and missed it here it is again with pictures and a few more details.


  • 1a.) Token pair selection
  • 1b.) Filters (i.e. fixed rates only, or just specific providers)


  • 2a.) Swap between preferred ordering views to find the right deal for you (based on amount, speed or feedback)
  • 2b.) Review the details of the swap
  • 2c.) Click exchange when you're ready to move forward.


  • 3a.) Enter the destination address (where you want the funds to go)
  • 3b.) Add a refund address (not required but cannot hurt, in case some funds need to be returned)
  • 3c.) Click to move to the exchange steps


  • 4a.) Use the deposit information to send your funds to the exchange
  • 4b.) Track your progress

Have a go for yourself, if you are planning an exchange or trading funds then consider using this link:

-> Swapzone <-


Final thoughts

If I am honest I'd been aware of Swapzone for a while and and often used it as an initial comparison site. However, now it is my go to, non-custodial exchange, solution. I've also found that it is a really handy trade and transport platform to help minimize transaction fees when I am moving coins from one place to another in order to trade them.

One of my favored methods of bypassing extremely high withdrawal fees (such as those on CDC) is actually to use their native exchange to convert my funds into XLM. Stellar has two exceptional benefits; 1, very low fees which are often reflected in the withdrawal fees on custodial exchanges and 2, it is a very fast transaction time so it makes for a speedy transfer (time is money in crypto). Once I've converted funds to my XLM for transit I often send them through SwapZone, or one of the related exchanges, to convert the XLM back to whatever I need and get it sent on to the actual destination address. I know this sounds counter intuitive as you're paying more than one set of exchange fees but let me show you the numbers:


You're not misreading anything here, it is 10 time more expensive to just transfer the funds from CDC to an external address than it is to trade twice and have Swapzone mediate the old swap&trade for you. For someone who isn't talking in terms of thousands (upward) when they trade, that can be devastating to your funds and is a solid 15% markup by CDC from the example above. It is a bit of a no-brainer for me and I've used this trick a few times now. The key thing is to weigh up your options and run the numbers first.

Thank you very much for reading the article, I hope you enjoyed it. Good luck y'all!




The link used above and throughout this article is the following referral link https://swapzone.io/?refId=mynima. Currently I receive no rebates from this. In the interest of disclosure this article was written as a part of a smaller competition with Swapzone. Using my link will help to boost my chance of winning the comp, so your support would be appreciated.


Hobby miner and Crypto interested programmer. https://mynima.github.io/

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