Exchanging Crypto: Swapping Simply (with StealthEX)

Exchanging Crypto: Swapping Simply (with StealthEX)

By Mynima | Hobbyist Crypto | 19 Dec 2020


I can imagine that I'm not the only one who was quite happy to finally see BTC break its all time high and move to new heights just this week. Since then you may well have noticed that the crypto-sphere has been a hive of activity and even more so for newer folks. When BTC or other crypto projects make waves it is inevitable that more mainstream media picks up the information and we see new people come to the market to get involved. One of the biggest hurdles, I believe, that the crypto industry has to mainstream adoption is predominantly easy of use. When you talk smart contracts or gas prices, or decentralized applications we can start to lose a few of the folks the products are trying to reach. Eyes glaze over, brains get overheated by techno-babble and people step back away from crypto and say "Nah is sounds too complex". 

Today we're going to look at one of my favorite types of solution that is on the market right now and that we should be pointing these newer crypto users toward: "Something that is Easy to Use". We're talking about the often complex process of trading one crypto asset for another. The general process sounds simple but sometimes it just isn't. This is where swapping services like StealthEX have stepped up to meet the challenge and offer users a no frills approach to exchanging crypto.


Core Benefits

As mentioned in the introduction the goal of StealthEX is to make the swapping process as simple and seamless as possible. In doing so they have the following core benefits:

  • Limitless Trading: No upper limit on your trades (though minimum limits do apply) 
  • Non-Custodial: You control the wallet keys at all times. Send from one of your asset addresses and receive to another asset address all without putting your funds in the hands of an intermediary
  • No Registration: No need for KYC which means no long sign-up process, no handing over person document. 
  • Easy-to-Use: 4 Step process which really makes it a no brainer to use


How it Works

So with ease of use in mind the process really is simple for this one, just 4 basic steps described succinctly below:


That is it, no more, nothing missing, no fancy standing on your head moving your left arm counter-clockwise while patting your stomach with the right hand and singing the alphabet backwards. A few clicks, setting addresses and values of the transaction and you're away. I mean look at the interface below, it couldn't be more straight forward.


If you want to see it in action then take a look at this short video created by the StealthEX team.


Final thoughts

I've said it before an I'll say it again, I'm a fan of simple solutions for what is effectively a simple process. The lack of registration in this service and others means you can get up and running with them quickly, in the crypto-world time can be the difference between riches and ruin. Also, it means that not having certain documentation isn't to barrier to entry. Similarly, if you don't want to share your documents then you don't have to, so privacy can be maintained throughout the process. Not having a complex setup, or use, process is also great for new starters and in my mind is extremely important for adoption.

I look at it like this, if someone wants to swap their XRP for BTC and to do this they need to jump through hoops then something has gone wrong with the system. You also don't want to have an account with every different exchange under the sun just to gain access to the trading pairs. StealthEX have over 300+ different cryptocurrencies available, indeed even one of my NFT favorites is actually access to the WAXP coin which isn't listed on many exchanges.

If things are easy to use then folks will use them, simple as that. If we're not bombarding newer users with excesses of information then they are much less likely to be intimidated. Which means they are more likely to tell other newbies that crypto isn't so scary....which is great for all of us.  


Thank you very much for reading the article, I hope you enjoyed it. Good luck y'all!




The link used above and throughout this article is the following referral link https://stealthex.io/?ref=4eg1d71nkuca. In the interest of disclosure if you trade using my link I get a small portion back of the overall trade value. It cost you exactly the same as if you choose to use the link or not use the link.

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Hobbyist Crypto

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