Bitcoin Jar (with Mode) | 5% Compounding interest plus a €10/£10 Bonus

Bitcoin Jar (with Mode) | 5% Compounding interest plus a €10/£10 Bonus

By Mynima | Hobbyist Crypto | 6 Jul 2020


As with most folks in the crypto-shpere I'm often looking out for passive ways to grow my Bitcoin savings. Additionally, I'm a keen advocate of supporting Brave advertising campaigns as/when they match up with my own goals. So it was with some surprise and delight that recently a advert I saw was a campaign for Mode Banking. Similar in some respects to BlockFi, Mode offer what they call a Bitcoin Jar where you can earn 5% APY, weekly compounding interest on your Bitcoin holdings. However as an additional bonus to new users they are also offering £10 (or equivalent in your native currency) along with your first weeks interest payment. Naturally I snapped up the deal, so here is a little info below of how you can do the same.


Remember none of this is financial advice. Have a look and see if it is for you and always make informed decisions. As with all referrals if you use my link then I'll get the bonus as well, note that if you wanted to share your own (once signed up) referral click on "More" and then "Spread The Word".


Setup/How it Works

To qualify for this bonus there are a few things to bear in mind. It really wasn't difficult to do but always worth knowing everything before jumping in.

  • The account is set up via an App
  • It is not available to US customers
  • You'll need to complete KYC (just as you would for BlockFi or
  • You need to deposit at least 0.01 BTC to be eligible for the savings Jar
  • An alternative to depositing BTC is you can also buy £100 (or equivalent in your native currency) of BTC to trigger the bonus (they have a flat 0.99% trading fee)

So how is it set up?

  • 1- Click on the link from the Brave ad if you have it (or my referral link) and then entered your phone number
  • 2 - Receive a text with the link to download the App (you must use this link as it will register the referral, if you go through the App store there is no bonus but you still get the 5% APY)
  • 3 - Download and install the App
  • 4 - Complete the relevant KYC etc.
  • 5 - Transfer over 0.01 BTC (I sent over 0.011 to be safe)


  • Once the BTC arrives it will be in your normal account so you need to click on (open savings Jar) and transfer the funds over. 


  • That is it, you're earning 5% interest


When in the App if you swipe left on the main screen you will see your Bitcoin Jar savings account and it will have pending transactions under the card counting up slowly. The Friday following signup the interest will be paid into your Jar and then on your main account you will also receive £10 (or equivalent) of BTC (you can just move this over the Jar as well to earn interest on that, it will transfer instantly) with continued interest being paid every Friday thereafter.

Here is my app after paying on the 15th of Jun I got the interest and £10 on the 19th, so I cannot complain.



To withdraw the funds just move them from the Jar (wait til a Friday payment has been made though otherwise you will end up with interest paid into the Jar that you'll have to move as well. Then click on send (the paper airplane icon) and put in an external BTC address. Note there is a 0.0005 BTC fee for transfers outside the wallet so be careful not to do this too often otherwise you will eat through the earnings. Simple as that.

If you request a withdrawal before 10:00 PM UTC, your withdrawal will be processed the same day. If you request a withdrawal after 10:00 PM UTC, your withdrawal will be processed the next day.

Final Thoughts

Here is my Referral Link again if you decide to go ahead.


  • Free BTC
  • Compounding interest (weekly as well which is nice bonus)
  • No hidden fees
  • Easy Setup, nice intuitive App
  • Can spread risk if you using BlockFi as well (avoid all eggs in one basket)
  • Pending interest accrues in real time so you can see how much BTC you will get daily


  • Not your keys so holding them with a third part is a risk
  • 0.0005 transaction fee isn't quite as good as BlockFi (who give one free withdrawal a month)
  • Debit/Credit Card fees are steep (5%)
  • Requires KYC


Well I hope you found this useful. If you want to take the money and run, it is completely possible with a 1 week turn around. My suggestion to boost it a little more, if you don't mind another signup is it then send the funds to BlockFi and using a referral code there you'll get another $10 worth (provided you have deposited $100 equivalent of BTC). It is an easy way to stack offers and build up that pot: BlockFi Ref Link


Thanks for reading, hope you make the most of the bonus, good luck y'all!


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