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By HM | HM | 12 Jan 2021



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Games are nowadays have been a very common in all of us either it be a adult of a child. Usually children download games from the advertisement they find while playing the games downloaded or from the sites they visit to play games.

ads game vs real game        Ads game vs Real game.

Advertised games are really very DANGEROUS. I unfortunately became part of it but thank God I got rescued from there trap before anything went wrong. My friend had become part of it and those games have taken a huge amount of money from his account without his permission.Those games from advertisement are too dangerous that they may end up by taking your life. It is un common and unbelievable but it is TRUE.

Anyways I personally would like to share some TIPS with you to avoid the danger caused by these games we play:

1. Do not allow or give permission to access you files, phones or gallery. 

2. Never click on I agree Button without reading agreement section.

3.Never allow or play games which gives information to Third party.

4. Never download games without reading the Reviews. (This will help you to know the condition of game and type of game)

Thank you for Reading my post and Hope it helps you...…

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