A Honest Review Of a Honest Dice Site; TrustDice, is it really worth the time?
A Honest Review Of a Honest Dice Site; TrustDice, is it really worth the time?

By Hippos4ever | HipposR4ever | 9 Nov 2019

I dont like to fluff my pieces with alot of pictures, or even that many words so jumping right into it...



-Has a faucet, balance does NOT need to be empty to collect it.

-VERY attractive rewards program associated with site use (I.E. Gambling)

-Has jackpot structure that reasonable/rewarding when hit

-Has weekly pize pool of 3000USD$ to be won, split by up to 10 people

-Other reward/loyalty program (I.E. 'awards')

-4 different types of games with more being planned

-Chat, kind of, see cons.



-Faucet doesn't pay MUCH/low variety of coins to 'claim'

-(IMO) a sub-par selection of cryptos to play with (only BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT, and five other token assets you have probably never heard of)**


-Chat, not many active players, at least in the chat, and no rain structure CURRENTLY. Tips CAN happen I would not get any hopes up though.

-No INSITE exchange...


So, thats the pros and cons, the cons, some may argue far out weigh the pros. Which I can understand, especially without me elaborating on their 'VERY attractive rewards program' TXT is one of the tokens you can claim from the faucet which you have PROBABLY never heard of, it is gotten as a reward for faucet claims, GAMBLING EVERYTHING WITH USD WEIGHT TO IT, and winning contests and progressing up the 'ranks' of the site, it can also be purchased at a limited number of exchanges at this point.


Its basically a tokenized piece of TrustDice, and probably what makes it so fun/innovative (despite some of the cons) As you accumulate TXT you are entitled to a daily percentage of the house's rake on certain coins, 6% on all site takes in for EOS and 1% on all site takes in for BTC. As long as you hold the TXT you will be entitled to those percentages paid out DAILY if you have above a certain amount. It CAN be a great way to make passive income if you have strong will/determination when it comes to your gambling style, OR if you are just really ****in lucky.


The withdraw mins are not great, but they are not terrible either which is why they weren't mentioned at ALL in the pros or cons list. as for the * by the subpar number of coins, you CAN technically deposit any coin (using a third party insite exchange) and have it converted to one of the playable ones, but I think to MOST thats still prolly more of a con, then not only do you lose the security you were HODLING you also have to pay exchange fees *gross* and the min deposits for the onsite exchanger on deposit are pretty high as well...



I like it, i dont roll there to often when i do i show up and go really safe, I claim the TXT faucet, and hope i can one day get lucky enough to make a DECENT passive income, either through TXT held, or EOS/BTC moon, or maybe combo of BOTH?


Just food for though to people out there who were looking for dice sites, or have been looking at TrustDice wanting a honest representation of what it is hope I could be some help, dont forget to tip!




I am a hippo and weigh quite a bit


I will talk about (crypto) things that interest me, and I will try to make it as informative as possible. If it seems like a rant, it may be in some aspects, but I will try to make it a informative one.

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